Are you in? Digital and analog tips for 2019.
Eat up, pour out, tune in, brush up, or knuckle down with the latest tips from Bechtle, for Bechtle, to get your 2019 off to a great start and be fit, sustainable, and beautiful.

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HARDCORE-SWABIAN. OMEGA TAU is all about science and engineering. Podcaster Markus Völter is an IT consultant and—quite notably—a speaker of Bechtle’s native tongue. His topics range from informatics to medical engineering to aviation to space travel, with a variety of interview partners speaking English, German, or the podcast’s default dialect, Swabian.






ROCKSTARS OF SCIENCE. Methodisch Inkorrekt is an entertaining listen—and not just for science nerds. Physicist Dr Nicolas Wöhrl and author Reinhard Remfort discuss four scientific papers in each episode while conducting far-from-conventional experiments with a good dose of black humour (despite it being in German!). 



CHEERS THEN. If you don’t know the first thing about wine but still enjoy a glass every once in a while, this shop is for you.  Tongue-tickling reds and whites from up-and-coming winemakers and recommendations for every occasion minus the jargon, from “movie night” to “gift for dad”. Even as a monthly wine subscription.


KNOCK, KNOCK. WHO'S THERE? Want to know who’s at the door? Even when you’re not at home? Now you can, with Nest Hello. Google’s connected doorbell is packed with nifty tech, including a camera that not only streams visitors right to your phone but can even recognise familiar faces. And the built-in speaker means you can deal with unwanted doorstep callers from the office.




Apps I.


Make your words and visuals shine on Instagram and other social media:


PHOTOSHOPFIX. The Adobe original as an app with a wealth of options to enhance your photos. Use a full palette of tools to improve brightness, smooth your skin or even widen your smile. For those moments when you’d like to give nature a helping hand.


UNFOLD. Use a treasure trove of templates to create stories you won’t want to disappear after 24 hours. Turn them into real works of art by adding photo and video collages, frames, backgrounds and spiffy fonts. The free version has enough features to get started.


WORDSWAG. Pictures say a thousand words more with words. Especially when they catch your eye and you can’t look away. With a choice ranging from full-blown graphic design to simple lettering style. If you don’t have a photo to match, just pick from a host of wallpapers available through the app. Also includes templates for virtually any occasion from Facebook events to LinkedIn posts. The full version is €4.99 for iOS and Android.

Read into this.


THE FOUR. Marketing guru and business school professor Scott Galloway takes a close look at the hidden DNA of Amazon, Apple, Facebook and Google. The four horses of the economic apocalypse, as he calls them, have redefined not only the rules that govern economic success, but the very world we inhabit. Published by Bantam Press, The Four explores how they do it, and just how we can deal with it.


Apps II.


GYMONDO. Gymondo is your mobile gym for back exercises, zumba, pilates and more. The gym-in-your-pocket is perfect for everyone from beginners to workout pros. With or without equipment. To warm you up or set your muscles on fire. Plus, you can integrate Spotify to soundtrack your workout. Tip: Many health insurers will reimburse your app purchase.


SEVEN. The app that aims to whip you into shape in just seven months. And all you need is a wall, a chair, and seven minutes a day. The free version offers various essential workouts, with more variety unlocked through in-app purchases. It’s even more fun when you challenge your friends.


MYFITNESSPAL. Keep track of your habits with this super-easy-to-use app to log your daily meals and workouts. The digital food diary also features insights into your nutrient and calorie intake. The basic version is free.



The good life.

LEFTOVER FOOD. From seed to plate, 40 per cent of produce the world over ends up as waste. If you want to save your leftovers from sharing this fate, just enter the ingredients you have on hand and pick from easy to difficult to really quick recipes for a delicious and sustainable meal.

Published on Feb 22, 2019.