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Bechtle Competence (C) Days 2019.
First observation: The IT fair concept works. Specialist talks on topics from the complete spectrum of IT solutions complemented by a tailor-made exhibition. This combination hit the nail on the head once more at the Bechtle 2019 C Days for a multitude of customers, partners, and employees. More than 3,500 participants made the two-day in-house fair at Bechtle Platz 1 another flagship event based around the most important current business IT questions.

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“New Horizons for Business” was the theme of the 15th C Days. In order to handle new IT scenarios, safe navigation is of course indispensable. No fewer than 20 expert talks—the equivalent of every 5th one on the agenda—were this year focused on the topic of security. From vulnerability management and sophisticated technical protection measures to 24/7 service for the worst case scenario, the specialists from the Bechtle Competence Centre cover everything that modern companies need to ensure effective protection against cyber threats. Holistic approach included.


Another magnet for visitors was the expertise and tips on the modern workplace, in particular how to get the best from Office 365. Andreas Esdar, Head of IT Services at software vendor FNT GmbH, gave a detailed report of his experiences on the way to an agile workplace from the customer point of view (read more about the project here). Together with Remy Patzelt from Bechtle Clouds, insights into the success factors, benefits, and perspectives on the successful migration project were explored. The insight gleaned: Thorough preparation pays off. And decisive tackling of issues can lead to unimagined boosts to productivity.


New Horizons for Business –  Bechtle Competence Days 2019 Bechtle in retrospect.




IT trends in practice.

Additionally, visitors could see for themselves that artificial intelligence—far more than just a buzz word—can, for example, already be found in cleverly designed data centre solutions. Bottom line: proactive support as the next step of operation efficiency. The ways in which industrial data can be used even more intelligently in the future in order to fulfil the vision of Industry 4.0 was explained by Dr. Max Hoffmann from RWTH Aachen. The message: From green meadows to existing paths, with expertise, willingness to learn, and the right partners, measurable benefits can always be reached.


Another important insight: Repetition doesn’t have to be boring. And so that visitors wouldn’t have to suffer too much from the agony of choice between some 100 talks, C Days offered the same programme on both days. Guests therefore had time on one day for Enterprise Service Management, and on the other for a keynote speech on 3D printing, and even time left over for specialist discussions at each booth. Numerous customers seized the opportunity to broaden their solution horizons over the two days of the 2019 C Days—intensively, profitably, yet in a relaxed manner.


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Published on Apr 18, 2019.