Conserving resources in the office? That works!
Since 29 July, mankind has been living on tick again: Earth Overshoot Day indicates when the Earth's natural resources will be used up for the entire year. And every year the world community reaches "World Overload Day" a little earlier - in 2019 three days earlier than in 2018 and almost a whole month earlier than in 2010. The biggest climate killers are power plants, transport and industry. But even everyday office life rarely shines with the optimal use of resources, but with a few simple tips you will become a resource saver:

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 Do not print everything directly. If you do, a smaller font will do; this reduces toner consumption.


 Using natural light in the office. Switch off devices completely instead of in standby mode.


 Cool Old School: Wooden coloured pencils instead of plastic highlighters.


 Each deleted mail saves 4g CO2, with attached document even 50g.


Charging a mobile phone in flight mode is faster and saves electricity. Important: Also unplug the charging cable from the socket.


 Colorful animated screensavers consume more energy than black-and-white screensavers.


 Make the road to work more sustainable - take a bicycle or take the train to the customer appointment.


 Cut material from the shredder results in 1A packaging material for parcels & Co.


 Every letter sent consumes 20g C02 - every mail 10g! So it's better to write one long letter than several short ones.



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Published on Aug 7, 2019.