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Safeguard yourself from unwitting eavesdroppers.

When we welcomed Siri, Alexa and their brethren into our homes, we never thought we would have to be wary of inadvertent snooping. Two Danish inventors, however, have come up with the ideal solution for preventing miscommunication with our technological assistants, as well as the potentially far-reaching consequences. Alias, as this solution is called, filters what we say to limit what information actually leaves the confines of our home. But it's not available for sale—you get to build it yourself using the instructions available at


You’ve never seen anything like it!

Experimenta, Germany’s largest science centre, re-opened in Heilbronn on 31 March following a spectacular transformation. This unique space offers visitors the opportunity to experience science up close and personal. Children and adults alike will delight in its array of attractions, including a glass data centre, high-tech laboratories, awe-inspiring 3D shows and even an observatory. And the IT was provided by none other than Bechtle. Learn more at



Are you worried about microplastics in your daily moisturiser or questionable additives in your toothpaste? CodeCheck tells you exactly what’s in the products you buy. This website lifts the veil on products ranging from cocoa to baby clothing to cleaning products. You can also use the CodeCheck app to scan items when you’re out shopping to discover exactly what’s hiding in the ingredients list.


Quiz me!

kNOW! is the first quiz that wants you to google the answers. Played on Google Home Mini, it contains some 1,500 topical questions and answers that change based on time and location. What’s the current temperature in Hawaii? How long would it take to walk from here to Copenhagen? kNOW!, by the game company Ravensburger, is ideal for knowledge-junkies aged ten and up.



Spring cleaning.

With kaëll, this recurring chore takes on a fresh sparkle. Everything from its glass cleaner to concentrated laundry detergent is environmentally friendly—and a little goes a long way. The mother & daughter-run company passes on animal testing. And its products are so attractively packaged that you’ll look forward to cleaning. What’s more, kaëll produces its products exclusively in Germany. Check out its online shop and blog, which offers countless useful tips!




Exploring the future of humanity in 2030.

Bechtle isn’t the only one thinking about what it can achieve by 2030. Futurologist Sven Gábor Jánszky and Lothar Abicht are tackling questions that will become salient in the near future. Their book 2030: Wie viel Mensch verträgt die Zukunft (available only in German) takes us on a trip through time with the Seedorf family. It’s not a science-fiction novel, but rather an optimistic response to the question of  what will we humans be motivated by in future?



For listening.

BRADY HEYWOOD: In the Brady Heywood podcast, whose episodes are published in non-regular intervals, Sean Brady discusses a broad range of engineering failures, from bridge collapses to Apollo 13. Each disaster is analysed in detail and keeps the listener on the edge of their seat.


RAUMZEIT: One of Germany’s most famous podcast personalities, Tim Pritlove, hosts Raumzeit in cooperation with the Zeiss Planetarium in Berlin. This German-language podcast explores the topic of space travel in personable, entertaining and easy-to-understand discussions with scientists, engineers, managers and other space travel enthusiasts.


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Published on Jun 6, 2019.