Cybercrime affects us all. A video interview with Milad Aslaner, expert for cyber defence at Microsoft.

What security mistakes do companies make? How can we protect ourselves in the Internet of Things? Und what are an IT security expert thoughts on cloud computing? Prof. Dr. Marco Gercke, director at Cybercrime Research Institute, provides answers in our video interview.

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Ransomware, data theft, sabotage – according to Bitkom, cybercrime is responsible for financial damages of 55 billion euros every year – in Germany alone. Over the last two years, every one in two companies has been attacked, and yet only one in three companies will admit this, for fear of damaging their reputation. One thing is clear though: these attacks concern everyone. As John Chambers, former chairman of Cisco put it in 2015: “There are only two types of companies: those that have been hacked and those that don’t know they have been hacked.”


What are the most common gateways for cyber criminals? How can cloud technologies help combat cybercrime? And how will cyber security evolve in the future? Milad Aslaner, specialist for cyber defence at Microsoft, has the answers.


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Published on Jan 30, 2018.