Digitalisation in SMEs – Dr Nikolaus Förster talks opportunity and reservations.

Dr Nikolaus Förster is both one of Germany’s highest-flying economics journalists and a business owner – a rare combination. In 2013, the editor in chief acquired impulse magazine from Gruner + Jahr in a management buyout through his newly established publishing company Impulse Medien. With more than 70,000 copies sold, impulse is Germany’s leading magazine for SMEs and entrepreneurs.

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If one thing is certain, Dr Nikolaus Förster knows how SMEs work. He rose from a humble journalist to become a successful entrepreneur and business owner, now heading a team of 35. In his keynote at Bechtle Competence Day 2017, entitled ‘The Liquefaction of the World’, Dr Nikolaus Förster highlighted how companies and individuals can leverage digitalisation for their own benefit. In our video interview we explore this topic further with respect to SMEs.

  • Has the German Mittelstand embraced the concept of digitalisation?
  • What do you tell entrepeneurs who are deterred by the risks of digitalisation?
  • How should SMBs tackle digitalisation?
  • Do SMBs have an edge over large-scale enterprises?
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Published on Apr 24, 2017.