Schools and IT – Solutions for the lessons of the future.

Experts agree. Schools that rely exclusively on books are a relic of the past. This was a topic at the “Schulen in BWgung” event about schools in the Baden-Württemberg region that drew 220 visitors to Bechtle Neckarsulm in July. The focus of the guest speaker—Dr Oliver Meyer of the Johannes-Gutenberg University in Mainz—was squarely on the question of how modern educational materials such as tablets can complement and enhance the learning experience.

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Digital systems and tools are making inroads into society and are charging the world of work. Digital media is now part of our everyday lives and its effective use is becoming increasingly a key to success in the job market. It’s not just the media that’s shaping the future of education, but also the pedagogical concepts that go with them that constitute good education. There is still a lack of specific offers to train education professionals in the use of digital learning and teaching methods. “Teaching staff are being left alone with their media questions”, says Professor Dr. Oliver Meyer from the Johannes-Gutenberg University in Mainz.


Concrete solutions for the classroom.

Professor Meyer designs, tests and evaluates media-supported development of foreign language teaching at schools in the field of English Didactics. In collaboration with students, student teachers, seminar groups and partner schools he devises strategies for the modern lesson. “We are trying to find out how we can use modern media to actively promote students’ motivation and willingness to learn. The results we achieve are then used to demonstrate to teaching staff learning and working methods for digital change in the classroom. The only way to accelerate digitalisation in the classroom is for us to support students and teachers”, explains Professor Meyer.


In addition to training teachers, access to fast internet and sufficient display devices such as smartboards and tablets are decisive for the successful digitalisation of the school system. Federal and state governments are actively promoting these topics and creating the infrastructural foundations for digital education in German schools with the School DigitalPact (DigitalPakt Schule), which will, in particular, make schools’ broadband cabling, WiFi infrastructure and stationary terminals such as interactive boards and tablets eligible for funding.


Systematic management.

The Bechtle Mobile Solutions Competence Centre in Neckarsulm has developed a simple and scalable building block system for mobile device management to integrate new media into the classroom. This tailored offer enables schools to put mobile devices into operation and manage them with minimal effort.


Conception, integration and support.

There has been an increase in demand for suitable offers as schools and educational institutions are grappling with the digital possibilities. Bechtle has significantly strengthened its position in this area over the past few years to ensure it’s a reliable partner on the road to change with specialised teams in Villingen-Schwenningen and Mainz focussing solely on IT in schools Sibylle Bilavski, who is head of the Bechtle Group’s activities in this field, knows that many schools are ready to face this comprehensive media change.


However, those in charge have to face a lot of organisational hurdles. Bechtle has a wide range of offers—from modular support to complete solutions. “We plan and operate the infrastructure and network technology, take over maintenance and offer security concepts to protect IT systems. We offer hardware and software especially for the needs of a school as well as innovative and pedagogical solutions and interactive boards for the virtual classroom. Together with those in charge, we strategically plan school and media development and create pedagogical concepts. Individual user training courses provided by the Bechtle Training Centres round off Bechtle’s offering”, says Sibylle Bilavski.


Framework agreement renewed: Bechtle continues to supply Baden-Württemberg with Apple products.

In March 2018, Bechtle was once again awarded the framework contract for the procurement of Apple hardware and the provision of services in Baden-Württemberg by the Logistikzentrum Baden-Württemberg (LZBW). The regional authorities can quickly and easily get hold of iMacs, MacBooks, displays, iPads or iPhones as well as Apple’s entire supplementary product range from Bechtle. Beneficiaries of the new agreement include public colleges and universities, the Baden-Württemberg state parliament, as well as all state ministries and offices. In addition, Bechtle will continue to provide on-site services for Apple hardware until the end of March 2021. Bechtle is an Apple solution expert for education

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Advice and support.

Our specialists are supported by experts at the Bechtle IT systems integrators. The teams have 15 years of experience in advising educational institutions and schools that want to take advantage of the benefits of digital systems. Bechtle is established across Germany as a comprehensive solution provider in the field of digital education and supports schools in fundamentally changing the general conditions and in facing increasingly complex challenges. “It’s not enough to use the classroom whiteboard to show a PDF document. Schools need to focus on the processes and structures in the background. It’s no longer a question of whether schools will experience digitalisation, but how we can successfully implement it”, explains Sibylle Bilavski.


Contact person.

Sibylle Bilavski 
Sales Development Schools (K12) Manager 
Public Sector Division
Bechtle AG 



Published on Aug 20, 2018.