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Welcome to the future – Special Release on Digitalisation.
Digital economy, digital work, digital life. It seems that virtually everything is digital now. But there are still many unanswered questions for both companies and individuals alike. Find insights, inspiration and answers in our special release on digitalisation.

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More and more areas of our life are becoming digital and merging the virtual and real worlds. Our working lives and private lives are becoming increasingly interwoven. In companies, administrative institutions and other organisations, IT the common link that brings everything together. That we've chosen digitalisation as the topic of our special release shouldn't come as a surprise—its prevalence in our lives shows no signs of abating.


The articles in this magazine focus on the current state of digital affairs and it's influence on mid-sized businesses in addition to public administration. We also wanted to explore what's brewing in several innovation labs. We share our ten assertions on the future of work, guide individuals and businesses on their digital journeys and explain why you're far better off with smart data than big data. And much more...

Get our special release on digitalisation (German language) as a PDF. 


Topics in detail.



  • Digitalisation in Germany. Facts and figures.


Digital economy.


Digital working.

  • The future of work: How will we organise the work of the future?
  • A look at your new office.
  • Jobs with future. The professions of digitalisation.
  • Ten assertions for the future of work.


Digital life.


Digital working.

  • Bechtle as a digital partner. For our customers, employees and shareholders.

Published on May 15, 2017.