Bechtle Logistics - Re-inventing the box.

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The Bechtle Box is a genuine all-rounder: Three pallets of commercially packaged items leave our warehouse in just one reusable box—an environmentally friendly, space-saving solution that is also secure.


Featuring a clever, customisable partitioning system, the Bechtle Box is the perfect space-efficient transport solution, as it can accommodate up to twice the number of products (depending on the item). The high-quality material lining the partition walls provides optimum protection during transport.


Doing away with the outer packaging has a number of benefits, for example, the box can be picked up by a forklift, loading space is saved and the products can be used by the customer as soon as they are delivered. Not only are customers saved from having to spend any time or money disposing the packaging, the box can be used again and again. The Bechtle Box is also available in cardboard for single use.


Published on Jun 26, 2018.