Local Service, Global Expertise – the Bechtle Global IT Alliance.

Bechtle’s strength lies in its geographical proximity to customers in 14 European countries, reinforced by nine solid Alliance partners.

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Since 2014, the Global IT Alliance, or GITA, has brought together IT partners from every continent who pursue the same standards of support, quality and reliability. Each of GITA’s nine members has committed to a shared goal of providing high-calibre services.



Common Standards, Shared Goals.

The aim is not only to bridge time zones, language barriers and different currencies, but also to successfully navigate foreign cultures. GITA is an exclusive network that benefits its members, vendors and, above all, customers.


Potential GITA partners are evaluated through a meticulous selection process. An initial pilot project gives the company an opportunity to prove itself on various criteria such as portfolio, service quality, its online shop and business processes.


The first company to clear this hurdle was US provider Connection in 2014. Today GITA spans the entire globe: Atea in Scandinavia and the Baltic states, Compucentro in Mexico, Connection in the USA, Data#3 in Australia, Datacentrix in South Africa, JBS in Japan, JOS in Hong Kong, Macau, Singapore and Malaysia, Lexel in New Zealand, and Microware in Brazil.



And GITA Continues to Grow.

“We’re always looking for new, solid partners who are a good fit for us as determined by our customers’ needs,” states James Napp, Managing Director of Bechtle direct UK and responsible for GITA. Strategic cooperation with partners in and beyond Europe is a major step along the way to reaching Bechtle’s Vision 2020.



Vision 2020: 
Bechtle AG.

By 2020, we’ll achieve 5 billion euros in revenue and a profit margin of 5 percent through the dedication of 10,000 employees.


IT System House & Managed Services.

Become the leading IT partner for private and public-sector customers.
Achieve full market coverage throughout the DACH region.

IT E-Commerce.

Become the top e-commerce provider in Europe.
Continue expanding our international business in Europe and beyond.


Atea. Leading IT Supplier in Scandinavia and the Baltic States.

“Our partnership with Atea opens the door for us to serve customers in Scandinavia and the Baltic states. From the beginning, we were impressed not only with Atea’s values, which largely mirror our own corporate culture, but also with their customer focus, first-rate processes, excellent flexibility and straightforward manner.”

James Napp
Managing Director, Bechtle direct UK, Responsible for GITA

Compucentro. One of Mexico’s Top IT Providers. Based in Mexico City.

“Our corporate culture values reliable, long-term partnerships and believes that IT services should strive for continual innovation. That’s why we are pleased to join a global IT network that is opening up new, innovative IT supply routes for us and our customers.”

Horacio Gutiérrez
General Manager, Compucentro

Connection. Ranked as a Fortune 1000 Company. Based in Merrimack, New Hampshire.

“When we started out, we wanted to make sure that we had a partner that acted like we did, that went the extra mile for their customer, and it was clear to us that Bechtle did. That provides us with the ability to really focus on the customer service aspects of things and not worry about what’s going on in the back-end, because our companies are so similar.”

Emery Geosits
Vice President Global Alliances, Connection

Data#3. Service Provider Throughout Australia and the Asia-Pacific Region, with Over 1,100 Employees. Based in Brisbane.

“Customer satisfaction is our highest priority. Becoming a member of GITA allows us to partner with companies that can offer the same high quality standards in international markets where we don’t have physical offices. The GITA network has greatly increased our opportunities on the global stage.”

Laurence Baynham
CEO, Data#3

Datacentrix. Large IT Systems Integrator in South Africa. Based in Midrand.

“We are pleased to have joined forces with Datacentrix, a large, well-established partner in South Africa. This solutions specialist and systems integrator embodies the same high standards and values as our own.”

James Napp
Managing Director, Bechtle direct UK, Responsible for GITA

JBS. Among Japan’s Key IT Infrastructure Providers. Based in Tokyo.

JBS harmonises brilliantly not only with our business model, but also our corporate culture. This is important, since we place cultural values on par with quality, skill and speed when selecting our partners. Only in doing so can we guarantee that customers within our network receive consistently high-quality service.”

Jürgen Schäfer
Member of the Executive Board, Responsible for IT E-Commerce, Bechtle AG

JOS. A Leading IT Product and Service Provider in Asia. Based in Hong Kong.

“We are proud to be an Asian partner of the Global IT Alliance. JOS and Bechtle deliver the same high service standards, which is both an essential and encouraging foundation upon which to build our partnership. The Alliance allows us to confidently recommend dependable partners throughout the world to our global customers.”

Eric van der Hoeven

Lexel. One of New Zealand’s Largest IT Suppliers. Based in Auckland.

“With Lexel, the largest privately run IT infrastructure and solutions provider in New Zealand, we’ve found a partner who provides our customers with the same high-quality support and a comparable product portfolio.”

James Napp
Managing Director, Bechtle direct UK, Responsible for GITA

Microware. Serves all of Brazil from Offices in Brasília, São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro.

“Our goal is to stay close to our customers in order to find the best solutions for them and deliver top-tier service. The Global IT Alliance lets us apply this principle of proximity on a global level—through dependable partners on all continents.”

Daniel Reis
Sales Director, Microware

Contact person.

Sonia Ranwez, Global Alliance Management
Bechtle E-Commerce Holding AG



Published on Sep 16, 2016.