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Everyone needs office applications for staff. Many people have CRM systems for marketing and sales. But what about the tools and flexible capacities for the IT department? Perhaps you could do better there. With the help of cloud services, IT architects can tackle business unit requirements with a fresh and flexible outlook. A wider variety of products and manufacturers doesn’t have to mean more complexity, however. At least not when you take advantage of Bechtle’s new cloud portals.

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IT as a service sounds pretty relaxing at first: You only use services when you need them, at agreed service levels, without paying a large sum in advance or having to invest. So far, so good. But as the number of cloud service providers grows, that feeling of relaxation disappears. Managers quickly realise that systematic management is an advantage. After all, service isn’t always service and theory and practice don’t always match up. Different terms, scope of contracts and mutual dependencies require specialist expertise and a proper grasp of what's going on. On top of that, they tie up key resources.

 Nice and simple.

Bechtle's decades of experience in the professional IT services industry have played to its advantage when expanding its cloud portfolio. Firstly: offering the best service for all needs. Secondly: keeping it as simply as possible. And last but not least: centrally provisioned, highly efficient cloud services combined with standardised contract management and on-site support create decisive added value for customers. is the result.


The account is activated via the regional Bechtle IT systems integrator or  Bechtle Group company already in charge of the customer’s account. New customers can get support with the first steps via a support hotline. The contact persons advise prospective customers both on the cloud portal as well as possible technical requirements and on-boarding measures for smooth use of the cloud services.

Keep track.

Bechtle’s new cloud portal has been online since July 2017, offering companies and public sector clients a simple and flexible way of obtaining numerous public and/or business cloud services via a single source. Initially, there are about 100 cloud services available in six categories, including all of partner Microsoft's cloud services, such as Office 365, Dynamics 365, Windows 10, EMS Intune, and Azure services.


The new offering is currently available to customers in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. In the future, it will be extended to France, the Netherlands and the UK. Once registered, you’re all set to order, manage and control services through the portal. An important advantage is that all processes are carried out via the account at, which eliminates complex orchestration tasks. In addition, a dedicated, multilingual Bechtle service desk provides the customer with both on-site admin and user support.

Digital and personal.

Combining the strength of the Bechtle Group with the advantages of a digital cloud platform was the task of a 40-strong team who developed the portal and underlying architecture over several months. Bechtle operates the systems from a highly secure data centre located in Frankfurt using its own cutting-edge hardware and staff. The site’s proximity to the world’s largest internet exchange point guarantees optimum connectivity with all major hyperscalers.


The services available at will be gradually expanded over the coming months. The experts in the portfolio and service design team are constantly evaluating new cloud services available on the market and provide them via the cloud portal after internal review and assessment.

You can obtain registration information for from your customer representative, by calling +49 800 4766668, or e-mailling:

Further information about Bechtle cloud services can be found in the video.

Bernd Krakau

Bechtle Clouds GmbH

Published on Jun 1, 2017.