Strong Clouds, from consultancy to operation.

Gone are the days when the Cloud was just one option of many. If you think about future-oriented IT infrastructures today, you cannot ignore cloud services. Getting into it is very simple.

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(Images: Charles Pétillon)

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Digital transformation is a top priority in most companies. One of the key technologies for the mammoth task is cloud computing – the use of software and IT infrastructure services provided centrally via the internet. According to a recent study by the IT consultancy firm Crisp Research, 69 percent of the IT managers surveyed in German companies will rely on hybrid and multi-cloud environments in the future. Bechtle supports small and medium-sized businesses and public sector clients in the realisation of necessary IT architectures and in the easy procurement of cloud services. Bechtle assists its customers all the way from consultation to highly available, round-the-clock cloud operation.
The portfolio includes individual or virtual private cloud solutions, public cloud services from established providers such as Microsoft and cloud services available exclusively from Bechtle. Bechtle can thus offer all types of cloud deployments, from on-site installations at the customers’ own data centres to centrally managed solutions provided from Bechtle’s secure data centre in Frankfurt am Main. The site’s proximity to the world’s largest internet exchange point guarantees optimum connectivity with all major hyperscalers.



Turnkey solutions via the Bechtle Clouds Portal.

A new cloud portal enables Bechtle to rapidly integrate flexible services from technology partners. As a multi-cloud service provider, Bechtle paves the way for hybrid IT models. And at the same time frees customers from the time-consuming administration of various providers, services and contracts. A central team is also available for all support processes relating to technology and user service. The portal is aimed, in the first instance, at customers from Germany, Austria and Switzerland. In the future, it will be extended to France, the Netherlands and the UK.



The complete cloud life cycle: from consultation to self-service.

Consultation and information about the Bechtle cloud portfolio can be found at your local IT systems integrator or by e-mailing:

Published on Jun 1, 2017.