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The road to digitalisation – IT Business Architects are with you every step of the way.
Nearly every business has to step up to the challenge of rethinking and adapting processes and/or business models with digitalisation in mind. However, not all are able to get to grips with the transformation using the internal resources at their disposal and this is precisely where Bechtle’s IT Business Architects come in. They are strategic advisers who know IT and business processes inside out, working closely with management every step of the way to finding the digital solutions best suited to the company. IT Business Architect Sonja Audorf gives us an insight into her transformation project experiences with SMEs.

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How would you rate the level of digitalisation in SMEs?

Sonja Audorf: According to the KfW SME Panel 2017, around 1 in 4 companies has invested in digitalisation over the last 3 years. It’s become increasingly clear to businesses how valuable internal transformation is, particularly for the customers. Having said that, these 26% working on expanding digitalisation represent a lower number than previously assumed. Most don’t have any experience of the effects digitalisation can have and are therefore quite reluctant.


How do you handle misgivings about digitalisation?

Markets change all the time. So much has already changed and you can’t fight it. If you want to have a successful company, you can’t afford to sit back and accept the status quo. We use practical examples to show SMEs the opportunities and advantages various forms of digitalisation offer and how they can better position themselves with regard to their customers. Instead of turning a blind eye, companies need to think about the benefits digitalisation can bring.


Does the lack of specialist staff also play a role?

Not if you know where to find the experts! Of course not all companies are able to get to grips with digital transformation using the internal resources they have to hand. A lack of IT expertise or issues implementing a new digital work structure are often major obstacles with companies worried about the high investment and operating costs of integrating digital processes or projects. SMEs definitely need a helping hand and that’s why we are here.


What’s the best way for SMEs to tackle digitalisation?

In contrast to large corporations, which generally don’t lack in qualified personnel to handle digital transformation, small and medium-sized companies struggle to find enough time and money for investments. If these companies want to remain a crucial pillar of German industry, they have to seize the opportunities of digitalisation and most important of all, management has to be  on the same page. Management has to believe in digitalisation and clearly communicate to the employees that positive changes are coming because the chances outweigh the risks. Management must be able to fire up their employees’ enthusiasm while also establishing an organisational framework and meeting technical prerequisites. Digitalisation will be a part of every department’s daily business.


What is Bechtle’s role?

SMEs have an edge over large corporations in that they can react more quickly in change processes—an advantage we can leverage together. Bechtle uses targeted methods to guide customers in developing their IT as a whole to fully embrace digitalisation. We encourage customers to genuinely and consistently pursue a new paradigm. A digitalisation strategy helps us to determine the direction in which the company will move in the future and define concrete goals. We present fundamental steps to transforming manual business processes into digital processes, based on the use of digital technologies, hardware and software solutions. 

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Published on Sep 11, 2018.