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ARTICONA - What you need to know about Bechtle’s own brand.
Bechtle launched its own brand—ARTICONA—in September 2018. Since then, the brand’s wide range of IT accessories and connection solutions has been available both online and from Bechtle and ARP sales teams. Here’s what you need to know about ARTICONA.

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What products are available from ARTICONA?

The extensive range includes IT accessories and connection solutions products such as printer cartridges, cables, adapters and connection technology, workplace accessories including docking stations, headsets or monitor brackets plus accessories for mobile devices such as USB hubs, notebook bags and privacy filters. Take a look at our complete range here.


Where can I buy ARTICONA products? 

Products can be purchased from the Bechtle and ARP websites, but also from the Bechtle IT systems integrator, Bechtle direct and ARP sales teams.


How do the prices compare?

The brand represents excellent value for money. Prices are more affordable than comparable products of the same quality manufactured by other vendors.


And what about the quality?

ARTICONA products stand out thanks to their high quality guarantee, which is ensured by our specialists in QA centres in Switzerland and the Netherlands using a three-level quality checking process. What’s more, all products are ISO-certified. We also take care when choosing suppliers working only with those who do not use harmful substances in their materials, produce products in an environmentally friendly manner and offer their employees decent working conditions


Has the introduction of ARTICONA affected other brands available from Bechtle?

No. ARTICONA has simply widened the range of products available from Bechtle without replacing any other vendors.


Does ARTICONA accept special requests? 

We are happy to accept individual requests for products such as cables in a variety of lengths and colours notebook bags with a customer’s logo or even products that aren't included in our range— our portfolio is expanded to suit our customers’ needs. Get in touch now!



Andrea Matt

Head of Brand

Bechtle E-Commerce Holding AG



Published on Oct 29, 2018.