Ready, Set, to the Cloud! – Bechtle’s Data Centre in Frankfurt.

What’s the best way to ensure that our IT systems continue to remain secure, highly available and optimally housed for the future? Is it preferable to construct a new building to host a data centre on our own premises, or to move into the facilities of a data centre operator? Before settling on e-shelter as its partner for a future-ready, high-availability data centre, Bechtle conducted numerous analyses to determine the cost-effectiveness of such an undertaking. In the end, the decision was clear: Bechtle was going to establish its data centre at the superbly developed e-shelter site in Frankfurt. However, Bechtle would retain both ownership and responsibility for our IT systems and their operation.

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About e-shelter.

e-shelter is one of the leading data centre operators in Europe providing highly secure environments for housing and connectivity of IT and network systems. With a presence in all key city-markets of the DACH region, e-shelter leverages 300MW of power capacity and 95,000m2 of data centre space to deliver scalable data centre solutions. As a member of the NTT Communications Group of companies e-shelter provides access to a global network of 140 data centres. Among e-shelter’s clients are financial services companies, telecoms operators, IT service and outsourcing providers as well as cloud service providers.



In Good Company.

e-shelter has been in business for 13 years, offering 95,000m2 of data centre space for comprehensive, Tier 3+ solutions to house and connect IT and network systems. This has made it one of the leading data centre operators in Europe. Bechtle is applying a dual-site strategy, mirroring data between two e-shelter sites, to ensure maximum security. Geo-redundancy guarantees a system availability of nearly one hundred percent. And Bechtle’s systems are in good company at the Frankfurt site. Several large companies from the finance, telecoms, insurance, media and IT industries have entered into a long-term partnership with e-shelter, as have government agencies.

An Unbeatable Environment for a Cutting-Edge Data Centre.

e-shelter’s facilities offer several outstanding benefits that cover everything from power supply to data network connectivity. Behind data centre walls, e-shelter guarantees 24x7 protection through its own security personnel. In addition, security strategies are adapted to the specific requirements of different industries and companies. e-shelter promises effective risk control, for instance through consistently documented access management, dual-protection power supplies and various cooling concepts. Buildings are not just designed for efficiency and reliability—they also meet stringent environmental standards.

A Compelling Expansion of Bechtle’s Cloud Portfolio.

One of the deciding factors influencing Bechtle’s decision to select e-shelter was the direct access provided to the interconnection platform DE-CIX—which benefits Bechtle’s in-house operations and customers alike. In fact, the move gave us the technical capabilities to significantly expand our cloud service portfolio. Starting January 2017, the Bechtle Clouds platform will bring together virtual private cloud, Bechtle public cloud and self-produced cloud solutions for a fully automated customer experience. 
Details on Bechtle Clouds will be available shortly.

Published on Oct 1, 2016.