High tech with a vision – 10 facts about Bechtle’s multi-storey car park.

Although the Bechtle multi-storey car park in Neckarsulm has been serving Bechtle staff for just over a year, interest in the high-tech structure has not subsided. Other companies looking to build a similar car park often visit Bechtle Platz 1 to find out more about the pioneering construction. Here are the top 10 facts.

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1. Trailblazing electrics.

With 50 power points for electric and hybrid vehicles, Bechtle boasts one of the largest electric car charging stations in Germany. 


2. Room for more. 

The 40,000 square metres floor space is made up of 16 storeys with a total of 1,600 parking spaces. 

3. Secure, centralised management.

Unlike typical charging stations, Bechtle keeps the main circuitry separate from the actual charging point in a central plant room, which saves space and simplifies maintenance. And because power only flows through the charging point when a vehicle is connected, they are perfectly safe to use.



4. Quick charging. 

When you’re short on time, charging stations can be set to supply extra juice, thanks to the custom power settings on each charging point. 


5. Straightforward parking. 

A dynamic parking guidance system monitors occupied and vacant parking spaces to show drivers the nearest free spots.  



6. Solar power from above.

The car-park’s roof houses more than 1,900 photovoltaic panels which provide some 525 kilowatt peaks (kWp) every year. The total output of solar panels at Bechtle’s headquarters amounts to a nominal capacity of 1,349 kWp—the green energy flows into the e-charging stations, other building at Bechtle Platz 1 and even the national grid.

From the first cut of the spade to the façade - the construction in fast motion.

Watch the video 

7. Geothermics from below.

Under the car park, geothermal probes power the adjacent logistics and office buildings via a heat exchanger. The car park is part of Bechtle’s geothermal field which generates some 2000 kWh underground in Neckarsulm. 



8. A green oasis.

The project to regenerate the old car park saw some 2,000 square metres of tarmac blossom into green spaces for staff and visitors.

9. Even rush hour is a breeze.  

A digital parking management system ensures that vehicles park evenly throughout the storeys, meaning traffic keeps flowing.



10. Speedy.

The car park was constructed in just over a year. 

Published on Sep 19, 2018.