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Five-Star IT– Bechtle and the Mercedes-Benz Museum.
The Mercedes-Benz Museum in Stuttgart, Germany, is the only place in the world that traces the history of the automobile in a single, uninterrupted narrative starting at its very roots. At 34 metres above ground, visitors exit the lift and step straight into the year 1886 to begin an extraordinary journey through time. It begins with the legendary birth of the automobile, brought about by Gottlieb Daimler's motorised carriage and Carl Benz's patent motor car – both of which were ground-breaking inventions of their day.

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Two winding, interconnected paths take visitors through the building—an architectural jewel—to discover the history of the Mercedes-Benz brand and key topics that shaped the past. Not to mention the many sports cars, special-purpose vehicles and innovations. You don’t have to be a passionate auto enthusiast to immerse yourself in this fascinating world. The 16,500m2, nine-storey museum houses 160 vehicles and more than 1,500 exhibitions displayed within their historical context for an intimate glimpse into the past. The experience delivered by the Mercedes-Benz Museum relies heavily on media technology. And that’s where, for the past ten years, Bechtle has played an invaluable role as the museum’s IT partner.



A Timeless Journey Through History.

The museum views itself as a testament to innovation. It not only curates the inspiring progress of Mercedes-Benz throughout the years, it also offers revealing insights into the future. The exhibition’s design remains engaging even ten years after the museum first opened its doors, thereby demonstrating both sustainability and durability.




The Mercedes-Benz Museum is quite unique: Only here can the entire history of the automobile be experienced from its earliest days to the present and into the future. And even though some of the exhibits are well over 100 years old—the museum itself is like a ten-year-old child: irrepressible, full of creative ideas and never boring. And quite rightly so!

Dr Dieter Zetsche, Chairman of Daimler AG and CEO of Mercedes-Benz Cars




An Audio Experience.

Naturally, advanced technology is a cornerstone of the museum’s success. Its multimedia approach brings history to life, drawing visitors in. An audio guide available in eight languages accompanies visitors as they admire cars, buses, lorries and the racing cars of legends such as Sir Stirling Moss, Hans Herrmann and Lewis Hamilton. The audio guide, incidentally, is also where the museum first crossed paths with Bechtle.



History of a Partnership.

The decade-long partnership between Bechtle and the Mercedes-Benz Museum began with a simple call for tenders. The museum was seeking an IT partner to operate its IT and media technology and also to manage its event technology. The start-up phase was carried out in cooperation with the Bechtle System House Neckarsulm. Once the museum was officially opened, operations were handed over to Bechtle’s system house in Stuttgart. Why the switch from Neckarsulm to Stuttgart? Because the Stuttgart office was located in close proximity to the brand-new museum.



Behind the Scenes.

Bechtle’s role today extends far beyond providing traditional system house services covering media technology and network/server infrastructure. The Mercedes-Benz Museum has always positioned itself as an innovative event centre. And Bechtle makes it possible, working busily behind the scenes whenever the red carpet is rolled out for high-profile events, when the gavel comes down at Mercedes old-timer auctions, when pop stars film their music videos or when attendees gather at a corporate event hosted at the exclusive venue. The Bechtle team handles everything from audio and video to lighting technology. Bechtle also helps design and implement media technology for special exhibitions and vehicle presentations. For example, digital signage has been introduced to provide museum visitors with information about events and promotions.




The Mercedes-Benz Museum has a special standing within the Daimler Group. It’s a wonderful advertising vehicle and, as such, is proudly used as a venue to host events. Although this raises the bar for Bechtle, it also adds incredible diversity to our daily routine.

Marcus Häußermann, Bechtle IT System House Stuttgart




Always At the Ready.

A five-person Bechtle team, led by project manager Marcus Häußermann, works on site seven days a week. While the museum is open, they respond to any issues within a contractually agreed period of just five minutes. Any problems affecting the visitor experience are given top priority to ensure as little downtime as possible. Maintenance and audits are performed on Mondays, when the museum is closed for the entire day.


Ten years have passed, but the success story is far from over, as Bechtle’s contract with the Mercedes-Benz Museum was recently extended for another three years.

Contact person.

Marcus Häußermann
Bechtle IT System House Stuttgart



Published on Sep 12, 2016.