More IT power and new services for Tropical Islands.

Located just 60 kilometres south of Berlin, the holiday resort Tropical Islands opened its doors in late 2004 in the former Cargolifter Hall, which previously had been used for airship production. The resort—open 24 hours a day, 364 days a year—is set against a tropical backdrop featuring a waterpark, shopping boulevard, sauna and spa services, as well as several shows and other entertainment options. Overnight guests can stay in and around Tropical Islands on a campsite, in rooms or lodges, or in holiday houses. To ensure an unforgettable visitor experience, this theme park requires continuous network availability and the right level of performance.

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Project objectives.

Tropical Island Holding’s goal was to update its IT network with Bechtle’s assistance. One particular focus was on building a high-availability infrastructure that would enable Tropical Islands to boost network performance and availability.


The theme park also sought to implement new video and TV-based services that could be used to transmit data, voice, video and TV signals within the network simultaneously without impairing signal quality.


Tropical Islands—Europe’s biggest tropical holiday getaway—offers its guests “the best of the tropics” and is the perfect destination for a short trip or a long getaway—without having to sit on a plane for hours. This is where the Asia-Pacific region, Africa and South America meet—with a constant temperature of 26 degrees. The ideal place to relax and unwind. There are numerous comfortable accommodation options at Tropical Islands Resort. It is open all year round, 24 hours a day, and is a unique all-weather travel destination for families and individuals of all ages. Tropical Islands is located in Brandenburg, between Berlin and Dresden, and plays host to the biggest cantilever hall in the world.



Following an initial network assessment, Bechtle sat down with Tropical Islands’ own IT experts to develop a new IT infrastructure, and translated the results into a project plan. This was then submitted to Cisco for review and convinced Tropical Islands to partner up. Bechtle provided the highest level of expertise in consulting services, best price-performance ratio, as well as very good regional and national references.


In the run-up to the implementation, Bechtle recreated Tropical Islands’ network on its own premises to simulate the failure of one or more components under real-life conditions.




The comprehensive plan saw a revamp of the existing network backbone, as well as an upgrade of the network switches in critical areas of Tropical Islands, such as the Tropical World, administration and data centre. The performance of existing Cisco networks was multiplied and the network optimised for real-time communication and collaboration.

In addition to the one-off installation, Tropical Islands also chose Bechtle to provide maintenance services, ensuring top-quality support for maximum availability.




Our new network backbone and updated Cisco Unified Communications solution have put us in prime position to meet the challenges of future site expansion. By choosing Bechtle, we knew we would receive the best solution available. The project was a resounding success for Tropical Islands, thanks to thorough preparation, an ideal testing arrangement, smooth migration during live operation, lower maintenance costs and better performance.

Thomas Volmer, IT Manager, Tropical Island Holding GmbH





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Published on Sep 2, 2016.