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Bechtle and HPE Join Forces at CeBIT 2017.
Visitors to CeBIT 2017, held in Hanover, Germany, will once again see up close how innovative technology is paving the way for the future. From 20 to 24 March, more than 3,000 exhibitioners will be at the world’s largest tech fair, presenting the boundless possibilities of digital transformation under the banner “d!conomy – No limits”. As in previous years, the Bechtle Group will be presenting itself in conjunction with vendor partners—such as Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE), with whom it shares its most prominent stand. We sat down with Ascan Collier, head of the HPE team at Bechtle Logistik & Service GmbH, to learn more about the focus of this year’s event.

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Pictures: Deutsche Messe


Bechtle at CeBIT 2017:

  • Bechtle Competence Center IT Security: in cooperation with Rhode & Schwarz
  • Bechtle Competence Center Mobile Solutions: in cooperation with mit MobileIron
  • Bechtle Competence Center Digitale Wirtschaft: in cooperation with mit Avecto
  • MODUS Consult AG – Competence Center ECM/DMS: Microsoft SharePoint, ELO Digital Office: in cooperation with ELO Digital Office GmbH
  • Bechtle Logistik & Service: in cooperation with Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE)


Last year’s CeBIT event also adopted the motto “d!conomy”. Does this mean that digitalisation continues to be a hot topic?

Ascan Collier: In today’s day and age, there’s no more precious commodity than digital data. Not just in business, but in nearly all aspects of our lives. Take, for instance, interactive road safety and needs-based production management. Or self-driving agricultural implements and digital pills. Digitalisation is everywhere. And now a new trend is cropping up, namely that people no longer simply accept the limitations of technology. On the contrary, we want our technology to do what we want. And that means digitalisation will continue to change our lives. Some of it will be obvious—such as the myriad new apps out there or location tracking—and some of it will be less conspicuous, such as wind-power technology or demand-based power distribution. Last but not least, digitalisation also influences the workplace by enabling new business models or transforming job descriptions.

 Ascan Collier heads up the HPE team at Bechtle.

Why is digitalisation such a fascinating opportunity for companies, and how is Bechtle contributing to the transformation?

IT used to merely map onto a company’s business processes. Nowadays, however, it’s a key element of optimising those same processes. It opens up fantastic opportunities while, at the same time, creating huge challenges. That’s because IT must now be agile and flexible enough to allow companies to respond quickly to rapid market developments.


The question our customers should be asking themselves is, “What do I have to optimise and which digital changes are necessary in order to remain competitive?”


It’s an adventure, and our role is to guide them in cooperation with the right partners, such as HPE. Bechtle already has 50 trained IT business architects, who specialise in analysing business models and optimising processes. In addition, we employ over 700 certified people to implement and operate HPE solutions.

CeBIT is the ideal platform for us to present HPE’s diverse solutions in conjunction with Bechtle’s local implementation expertise - a winning combination.


Ascan Collier

What topics are Bechtle and HPE highlighting this year at their joint CeBIT stand?

There are three points we’ll be emphasising at CeBIT 2017. The first, which we have summarised under the watchword “Mobility First”, shows how our experts are able to link customer networks into a single, solution that fits perfectly into their environment. This is relevant for the healthcare sector, for instance, and includes state-of-the-art collaboration tools. Our second focus area is hybrid IT, which underscores our role as a full-service IT provider offering everything from consulting and implementation to operation services. Lastly, visitors to our stand will be able to dialogue with SAP HANA experts, as they did last year. Bechtle is one of the few IT service providers to embrace a truly comprehensive approach to IT, including an end-to-end roadmap, covering everything from hardware and migration to process optimisation. Of course, our experts will be happy to answer any other enquiries about Bechtle’s solutions portfolio and HPE products. No matter the question, we’ll provide an answer or get them in touch with someone who can.


This is the third year in a row that Bechtle and HPE are presenting a united front at CeBIT. What is the benefit of doing this?

For decades, Bechtle and HPE have maintained a close partnership at all levels. HPE relies on our regional proximity to customers and our local, tailored customer support and service provision. Customers not only in Germany, but worldwide benefit from this symbiosis. For instance, Bechtle is able to provide multinational corporations with premium HPE solutions and services on every continent via our Global IT Alliance (GITA) and in close cooperation with ACSL. CeBIT is the ideal platform for us to present HPE’s diverse solutions in conjunction with Bechtle’s local implementation expertise—a winning combination. I, for one, am looking forward to an exciting week at CeBIT!

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Ascan Collier
Head of HPE team
Bechtle Logistik & Service



Published on Mar 17, 2017.