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Bechtle Competence Days 2016.
With some 70 expert presentations, 50 exhibition stands and countless live demos, Bechtle’s 2016 Competence Days attracted over 2,500 visitors—more than ever before—to our headquarters in Neckarsulm. This twelfth edition of the popular customer event explored how digitisation equips companies for continued success. Dr Gunter Dueck, an IT expert and unconventional thinker, gave an entertaining yet astute talk on digitisation and how it has shaped our lives for years.

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Prof. Dr. Gunter Dueck about Digitisation (German)

They say a picture is worth a thousand words. Imagine, then, what virtual reality can do. Click here to find out! You’ll be transported directly to Bechtle’s 2016 Competence Days, where you can “walk” around to the various digitisation solutions Bechtle offers. All that’s needed to produce a digital tour like this is a 3D trolley equipped with cameras and laser scanners that photograph everything around you in detail as you take it for a ride. The data generated is then managed in a virtual data centre. This technology opens up exciting prospects for building designers, event coordinators, cultural institutions, industrial facilities and more.


The mobile 3D film studio also makes it a cinch to capture entire environments virtually, as all the equipment fits into a single case. The included microphone is able to filter out even the background noise of large events like Competence Days. Bulbs ensure ideal lighting, while the green screen allows you to conjure up any corporate design you like. And best of all, you don’t have to be a high-tech specialist to use it. It’s a full-package deal, with everything you need to produce professional tutorials, webinars or presentations.


When the real world meets virtual reality, great things happen. Take Bechtle’s logistics hub, for example, where employees for months have been going about their daily business with smart glasses. It’s all part of an augmented-reality solution that speeds up lead times by cutting down on the amount of manual fuss involved in picking items in the warehouse. In fact, Bechtle is the first to use the SAP AR Warehouse Picker app for live logistics operations.

Items picked must then be shipped. And the number of packages sent around the globe is skyrocketing, a trend that did not go unnoticed by letterbox manufacturer Renz. Together with Bechtle, the company developed a new generation of parcel and letterbox clusters for business and private use. It’s nothing short of a digital business transformation.


Owners of Renz parcelbox clusters can manage them via an app and access code, allowing them to receive any size parcel any time of the day. It’s like having a private packing station right by your front door. But that’s not all. While conventional letterboxes are generally used only by postal or parcel services, these new clusters open up a whole range of new possibilities made possible by their size, security and digital control. A laundry service, for instance, could deliver freshly ironed shirts that would then be available for pick-up at a convenient time. Or a family leaving town on holiday could deposit their key for the neighbour looking after the cat.


Experiences such as these show that digitisation has the power to transform anything. Even your trusty, old letterbox.

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Published on Sep 1, 2016.