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Investing in the Future by Supporting IoT Start-ups.
Bechtle knows first-hand how quickly a one-man business can turn into a multinational group. As a well-established company, we now cooperate with venture forum neckar to invest and strategically partner with start-ups. In turn, we benefit from their dynamism and innovative abilities.

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venture forum neckar was inaugurated in 2002 as the brain-child of well-known businesses in the economic region of Heilbronn-Franken, Germany. The purpose of the initiative is to support innovative entrepreneurs by fuelling brilliant ideas with capital at a stage where the risk of going under is still quite high.
(Source: venture forum neckar e.V.)

A Strong Partnership.

Bechtle is helping build a solid foundation for the future as part of the venture capitalist firm Acceed 4.0. Joined by five other companies in the region, we’ve committed to a single goal, which is to lend a helping hand to start-ups in the field of digital industry. We do so by supplying capital, business expertise and an active interest in their undertaking.




Start-ups are an ideal partner, as they bring to the table an open mind, a certain appetite for risk, adaptable structures and a fresh set of skills, thereby complementing the experience, market access and customer base of established midsize companies.

Sigrid Rögner, Chairwoman and Managing Director, venture forum neckar e.V.




The first start-up in which Acceed 4.0 invested is Quantitec. Founded in Frankfurt in 2012, the company designs solutions for indoor navigation.
It developed IntraNav as a mass-market localisation and navigation system capable of centimetre precision. Below is an overview of what IntraNav offers:

Business Innovation at Bechtle Headquarters.


venture forum neckar organises regular events to bring together entrepreneurs, potential investors and cooperation partners. Bechtle had the honour of hosting the latest event, Industry 4.0 – Investing in the Future, at our headquarters in Neckarsulm. Thirteen start-up companies presented their business innovations in the field of IoT and took advantage of the laid-back ambiance to win over potential investors and cooperation partners.


Read on to discover some of the ingenious ideas pitched by the event’s participants.


Simeon Meier of enOware presented INDUsniff, a floating sensor that monitors process parameters, enables long-term monitoring, checks pipe runs and provides quality assurance for pipe systems.

Its unique, miniature-scale measurement technology has to date been used primarily for geothermal applications.
With its wireless data transfers, cordless power supply and ability to display pipe systems via web/app, INDUsniff is making a name for itself in IoT.

“Intelligence for wireless networks—less complexity and more flexibility through cooperative radio technology” is how Florian Bonanati describes the business concept of R3 Communications.

The company’s objective is to offer intelligent solutions that will effectively meet the rising demand—driven by Industry 4.0—for highly reliable, real-time-capable and deterministic wireless communications systems.

Industry 4.0 also encompasses the notion of self-sufficient power supply, which is precisely the topic addressed by otego. The company, presented by Frederick Lessmann, develops solutions to harvest energy from ambient heat.

otego’s products are based on an innovative, thermoelectric generator the size of a sugar cube, which uses differences in temperature to convert heat directly into electricity.

Contact person.

Sigrid Rögner
venture forum neckar e.V.






Published on Sep 28, 2016.