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SOUNDS GOOD. AmpMe connects smartphones, tablets and Bluetooth speakers with a DIY sound system. Start a song or video in the app, distribute your connected devices around your space and you’re done. Available for iOS and Android.


KEEP CALM! For relaxing lunch breaks or chilled evenings: Calm offers everything you need to meditate and master stress. Calming music, pleasant voices, and guided exercises to help you relax, recharge your batteries or sleep. All you have to do is breathe in and out. Only available in English.


ARTY. Night at the museum? With Google Arts & Culture you can. The app shows you exhibitions and special cultural sites from around the world—close-up and with lots of accompanying text and videos. Delve deep into the world of art and create your own collection—on iOS and Android.

The Everything Store.

TESTED FOR YOU.  The technology expert Brad Stone provides interesting insights into the Amazon empire, showing it extends far beyond classical online shopping. Hardware, logistics, hosting—Amazon founder Jeff Bezos doesn't even stop at conquering space. An enlightening book about the light and dark sides of the web giant that poses the question: What will the future bring? The German edition is published by Campus Verlag.

Just beautiful.

WEB. Personalised cards and stationary for all types of festive occasions can be found all over the internet. Rosemood is an (as yet) undiscovered gem. Simply beautiful designs with a French touch, produced in high quality, and always exclusive Retouches and proof-reading—so you can be sure to avoid typos. Make your communications unique. rosemood.de


HERRENGEDECK. Cheers!—It almost always starts with schnapps:

Once a week, the Berlin radio presenters Ariana Baborie and Laura Larsson playfully come to blows over beer, schnapps, and Sambuca, self-ironically examining topics that you talk about in that setting. Very entertaining. herrengedeck24.de






STRG-ALT-ENTF (CTRL-ALT-DEL). Bitkom’s technology podcast hosts exciting guests to talk on start-ups, corporations, politics and science. Complemented with the best keynotes and talks from successful Bitkom events. bitkom.org/podcast






DIGITAL SAFARI. From fake news and smart cars to the darknet, bots, big data, big brother, cyborgs, and even Bitcoins and Blockchain: Reporters Teresa Sickert and Katja Weber inform and entertain us on the algorithms that determine our lives. Listen on Audible.

Look at that!

GADGET. No screen in your car? With  Hudway Glass, you’ll always have the right way, as well as lots of other useful information right in front of your eyes. The world’s first head-up display works with a smartphone, a variety of compatible apps and even the oldest banger. hudwayglass.com

Oh, là, là!

TESTED FOR YOU. The “Mitmach-Sprachführer” (Learn as you go language guides) from Langenscheidt aren’t just clever, but fun too. With little tasks for every day and lots of creative ideas to help you get the country, people, and language better. Leaf through it, stick, scribble, make memories and keep them. Playfully boost your vocabulary on holiday—in French, Spanish, Italian and English (available in German only). langenscheidt.com

Such rubbish.

SUSTAINABLE. One man’s trash is another man’s treasure—clever people with innovative ideas prove that organic waste can be turned into much more than compost, such as handbags, clothes and crockery. The WirtschaftsWoche business magazine gives us a great guide to all of the products that can be made from old chewing gum, sour milk and used tea bags.

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Published on Sep 26, 2018.