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IT Security: In safe hands with Bechtle.
Europe’s largest IT security fair—the it-sa—took place in Nuremberg in mid-October with Bechtle also in attendance, both with our own stand and as the partner of a variety of vendors and service providers such as Checkpoint, Palo Alto Networks, Bomgar and Mimecast.

To coincide with the event, the industry association Bitkom published two press releases: “IT security market breaks 4 billion euro threshold” and “Cyber attacks on German industry on the rise”. Two things we can tell from this: Cyber security is critical for a company’s success, and German executives are well aware. Enter Bechtle.


In cooperation with more than 40 partners, Bechtle offers its customers an end-to-end portfolio for IT security with the focus increasingly on security infrastructures rather than on point solutions. “It’s incredibly important for us to take a holistic approach to IT security. Our wide range enables us to create fine-tuned security ecosystems for our customers which we also run on their behalf”, says Christian Grusemann, Business Manager Security at Bechtle.


One-of-a-kind security community.


Customers not only benefit from a comprehensive portfolio, but also gain access to a one-of-a-kind community. “In the field of IT security, we bring together 25 team leaders and six Competence Centres with more than 150 colleagues who are constantly in touch about the latest news and integrated strategies”, explains Christian Grusemann.


Christian Dittrich, head of the Competence Centre for IT Security at Bechtle Cologne is also keen to stress the enormous value for customers. “Customers can tap into Bechtle’s concentrated expertise across Germany, Austria and Switzerland with their local systems integrator as a single access point. They benefit from a network of seasoned experts with numerous certifications and specialist knowledge in project management.”


Bechtle relies on tried and tested structures and takes advantage of its dispersed organisation. New topics and solutions, for example in the areas of SIEM (Security Information and Event Management), end user behaviour, cyber defence or forensics, are shared across the entire group by the individual systems integrators. “Every one of them is a vector of skills and knowledge”, says Christian Grusemann.


“Employees are in the spotlight”.


On top of our large vendor portfolio, this manpower guarantees that all Bechtle customers receive a tailor-made solution: “We are in a position to offer customers a product or service which meets their needs exactly, regardless if they are a 20-person operation or a multinational enterprise”, says Christian Dittrich.

We are in a position to offer customers a product or service which meets their needs exactly, regardless if they are a 20-person operation or a multinational enterprise.


Christian Dittrich, Head of the Competence Centre for IT Security, Bechtle IT system house Cologne

But Bechtle does not just think technology. To achieve a truly holistic IT security solution, you also have to think about the people working in a company. “Employees are in the spotlight when it comes to IT security. The primary concern is always building awareness and then come the specifics. An employee who, for example, connects a USB stick to a computer poses just as great a risk to a company and its data security as an external attack”, explains Thomas Thelen, head of IT Security, Bechtle Bonn.


These attacks cost money—according to Bitkom,sabotage, data theft or spying cost the German industry a combined 43.4 million euros in 2016 and 2017. And most executives are sure that the number of cyber attacks is only going to increase in the future which is why there is such interest in IT security. The proof? The figures published by it-sa: 696 exhibitors and 14,290 visitors—both record-breaking figures for the event. IT security is a massively important digitalisation topic and Bechtle is bolstering its strategy in this area. “We’re going to be getting together in Frankfurt soon to discuss solutions and strategies for the future”, says Christian Grusemann, who, along with his colleagues, is “working hard to make IT security happen for Bechtle customers”.


Christian Grusemann

Bechtle Systemhaus Holding AG
Business Manager Security



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Published on Oct 23, 2018.