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What’s next? In our age of digitalisation, this is the big question on everybody’s mind. We share a vantage point with our customers and partners, overlooking a future with traditional business models turned upside down and inside out, and rigid value chains transforming into dynamic networks. And we’re at the forefront of digitalisation. We want to unlock its opportunities for others, and we don’t want stop at ourselves. That’s why a new platform that offers a single gateway to Bechtle’s entire portfolio for the first time is a key step on our own path towards a digital future.

This was the goal we were looking at when we set out in the Summer of 2016, along with over 100 employees working on the same project: NEXT. Its focus is on joining the dots between our online shop, solutions and service offering, and making it all accessible through modern, customer-centric channels.

The underlying IT architecture was the toughest nut to crack, a complex and intricate combination of multiple systems. There’s SAP Hybris, which has been enhanced and refined to become the perfect foundation for the Bechtle online shop. There’s Magnolia CMS to create and publish corporate information and marketing content fast. And there’s the overarching search engine and numerous self-developed micro services. All rolled into one future-driven architecture to deliver a fresh experience that is highly responsive to our evolving market. And it’s been live since October 2017. And that’s nowhere near the end of it.


The new website is very much meant to be a work in progress. Its initial release saw the fusion of our various outlets for online shops, solutions and corporate information. Plus it finally added PayPal and credit card as payment options. The slide-out contact pane on every page has brought us much closer to our customers; and it’s already attracting new visitors. The re-designed navigation also brought with it a re-shuffle of responsibilities. Employees in e-commerce and systems integration collaborate with Bechtle’s central units to deliver the Bechtle message, as both sponsors and ambassadors of Bechtle’s own digital transformation.


The upcoming releases have even more innovation up their sleeve. Offering dramatic value to our customers and visitors will be a new, AI-driven recommender engine, bringing up front and centre what they actually want to see. And of course the numerous custom bios® shops will be migrated to the new platform for a seamless user experience.


In February 2018, the new market place made its international debut in the Netherlands and Poland. More countries will be added to the list over time, until is the personal, digital platform in all 14 countries that are home to Bechtle. Always with the set goal of making Bechtle Europe’s number one IT solutions provider.

Contact person.

Benjamin Morgenstern

Divisional Management Business Account Management,
Bechtle AG Neckarsulm



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Published on Apr 24, 2018.