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Quadruple success: Bechtle honoured by Citrix.
Successful start to the year at the 2018 Citrix partner event: Four awards for Bechtle—including one for European-wide achievements—emphasise once again Bechtle’s prowess as one of the manufacturer’s most important partners.

Fastest Growing Partner Product Bookings (Germany):

Bechtle once again achieved significant growth in new license business in the past year. Julia Götz from Bechtle’s Munich/Regensburg branch was there to collect the award from Jorge Soares (left) and Eric Kline.


Partner with Largest Deal (Germany):

The award recognises the outstanding performance of Bechtle Bonn/Cologne together with the central Bechtle team for public clients. From left at the ceremony in Hanau: Jorge Soares (Citrix), Bianca Pünder, Waldemar Zgrzebski, Thomas Teitge and Hanjo Denker (all Bechtle), Eric Kline (Citrix) and guest speaker Edgar Itt.


Highest Contributing CSA Partner on Cloud in EMEA:

With this award, Bechtle was honoured as Europe’s top-selling partner in the Citrix Cloud Services sector.

Bechtle was also named Fastest Growing Partner Product Bookings in Austria at the Citrix Partner Accelerator Event in Vienna.


Fastest Growing Partner Product Bookings in Austria:

On stage: Matthias Schönwetter (left, Citrix), Stefan Panholzer and Nina Lechner (centre, both Bechtle Austria) with Wolfgang Mayer and Eric Kline (both Citrix).

Contact person.

Julia Götz
Citrix Sales Consultant
Bechtle IT Munich/Regensburg



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Published on Apr 6, 2018.