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The best blogs and apps for every situation.
Some apps and blogs are as vital as morning coffee or remembering your wallet. Here are some Bechtle employees’ favourite every day sites (part 2).

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What is it that charities do exactly? How do you have the perfect relationship? And how can you make Google forget your mistakes online? The answer to these questions and almost every question you could think of can be found at howstuffworks. com—a collection of short tutorials from DIY to IT security.


The news portal for all things digital: is the source for digital work and lifestyle news. 


Also forward thinking and not just for techies: Kroker's Look @ IT.


been helps globetrotters and travel addicts keep on top of where they’ve been. The app shows all the countries and US states they’ve visited as a map or as a list and lets them share it on Instagram etc.


Evernote is an oldie but a goodie. The app helps to collect and recover information and can be synchronised to all devices. This ensures data available everywhere and at all times.


Solutions not problems: publishes an optimistic article every day. A welcome change and a chance to escape from the barrage of bad news and rediscover a constructive world-view.


Is your loved one on their way home? Did mum make it home safely despite the black ice? Familonet knows the answer. The free app doesn’t only help find where family members are, it also has a panic button for emergencies.


All well and good: A blog about sustainable fashion, the vegan diet and stylish interior design. offers all kinds of inspiration for a sustainable life with style. Take a look sometime.


Barcoo scans product barcodes and QR codes and finds the cheapest provider near you. The app also shows product test reports, shop opening times and much more. Happy shopping!


Save time and hassle: The free app MyPhoneExplorer Client conveniently synchronises Android smartphones with your computer via WiFi. It couldn't be easier!

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Published on Dec 12, 2016.