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    Manufacturer's warranty extension - service pack. For certified/approved Fujitsu systems (Service Offering Group DT6). Support pack 5-year on-site service, 9 x 5 availability, 48-hour response time. Applicable in select countries in Europe, Africa, the Middle East and India This Service Pack may be purchased within 90 days of hardware delivery. Important: Service Pack must be activated online within 30 days of purchase. Activation is no longer possible after this 30-day period. The following information is required for activation: - Activation key - Serial/ID number of the relevant hardware - Hardware location - Customer details For the following Fujitsu PCs: - ESPRIMO D556 - ESPRIMO D556/2 - ESPRIMO D756 - ESPRIMO D757 - ESPRIMO D7010 - ESPRIMO D7011 - ESPRIMO K557 - ESPRIMO P556 - ESPRIMO P556/2 - ESPRIMO P756 - ESPRIMO P757 - ESPRIMO P758 - ESPRIMO P7010 - ESPRIMO P7011 - ESPRIMO Q556 - ESPRIMO Q556/2 - ESPRIMO Q558 - ESPRIMO Q7010

    Fujitsu 5Y OSS/48h EMEIA PC Support

    Product typeWarranty option
    Duration5 years
    Compatible devicesFujitsu ESPRIMO D538, Fujitsu ESPRIMO D556, Fujitsu ESPRIMO D556/2, Fujitsu ESPRIMO D738, Fujitsu ESPRIMO D756, Fujitsu ESPRIMO D757, Fujitsu ESPRIMO G558, Fujitsu ESPRIMO K557, Fujitsu ESPRIMO K558, Fujitsu ESPRIMO P557power, Fujitsu ESPRIMO P558, Fujitsu ESPRIMO P757, Fujitsu ESPRIMO P758, Fujitsu ESPRIMO Q556, Fujitsu ESPRIMO Q556/2, Fujitsu ESPRIMO Q558