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Monitoring The best way to prevent failure.


Smooth data centre operation requires monitoring. But issues often go unnoticed or are only recognised when it's already too late. Fixing them takes a huge amount of time and expense and means employees can't focus on core tasks.


Bechtle Service Monitoring provides 24/7 surveillance for individual IT system components right through to complete IT infrastructure environments by comparing pre-defined values from the customer’s system to recorded levels. Any change in the monitoring status triggers a message to the customer’s IT staff or the Operations Centre requesting further attention.

Questions about monitoring?

Simply e-mail us at or call us on +49 7132 981-1600. We’re happy to help.


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Your benefits:

  • Proactive resolution of potential IT failures
  • Prevent costly downtime and loss of productivity
  • More time for strategic solutions and projects
  • High-availability monitoring solutions for up to 24/7 surveillance of your IT infrastructure
  • Monthly reports ensure transparency
  • Regular service review meetings
  • On premise version: Provision and operation of a physical on-premise management server in the customer network, including all required licences
  • Hosting version: Provision and operation of a virtual management server in the Bechtle data centre, including all required licences

Optional services:

  • Addition of operations centre
  • Customised monitoring solutions
  • Addition of extra standard and customer system verification
  • Can be combined with other managed IT Services