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Bechtle: Integrate IT. Architect the future. 


Apple M1 chip – switch easily to Mac.

Excellent performance. Long battery life. Easy manageability. All Mac notebooks are extremely powerful and energy efficient thanks to the Apple M1 chip. Whether you're multitasking with several programs, creating spreadsheets or working with the most complex applications ­– Mac helps you to work more efficiently and improves productivity in your business.

50% on site, 50% remote - the Hybrid Worker.

Hybrid work models are in greater demand than ever: more and more companies are opting for a combination of office presence and mobile/home office. Work is becoming more flexible, open and communicative. With the right solutions from Articona, you will always stay one step ahead.

Create a more sustainable workplace.

Reduce your office carbon footprint effectively with monitors from EIZO. The smart solutions are developed sustainable: from manufacturing to operation to recycling. Innovative energy-saving features and a long service life relieve the environment and conserve resources.

Calculate the residual value of your hardware now.

Our offer: complete lifecycle support of hardware for companies. When remarketing your hardware, you can offset the purchase price of your old hardware against the cost of the new hardware. This is a simple way to reduce your investment costs. Put your trust in experienced IT experts when it comes to lifecycle support and remarketing.

Microsoft Enterprise Agreement Assessment.

We show you the benefits and obligations from a Microsoft Enterprise Agreement, evaluate the implementation and give you a summary of the current situation, including recommendations for action to reduce risks and optimise.

Bechtle Services - Service as a package.

With our Bechtle Services, we offer you individual services from our service portfolio at a fixed price and with a clearly defined scope.

Protect your business against threats.

With the right partner at your side, you can approach the topic of IT security with complete peace of mind: We accompany you step by step on the way to your modern security strategy.

Why effective data protection needs rules and structure.

Information security affects the entire company and all employees. An information security management system helps to protect the security of information. This helps to maintain clear rules and processes for handling data.

Ideal IT protection for your company.

Heterogeneous IT landscapes with remote workplaces, cloud resources, and branch offices requires complex protection against threats. Bechtle Cyber Defence Center offers up-to-date protection and secures modern environments.

The data center of the future.

In the future, data centers will only exist in virtualized form. The cloud is taking over, and the tasks of IT staff are changing as a result. What does a future-oriented infrastructure model look like? Download our free whitepaper on the data center of the future.

The future is now – six Modern Workplace trends in 2022.

Home office, remote and hybrid work: The world of work is changing rapidly – and with it the demands on the workplace. Everything becomes digital and networked. From “Modern Meeting“ to “Extended Reality“ ­– we show you the six most important Modern Workplace trends for 2022.

The all-round solution for IT workplaces.

Bechtle supports you on the way to the digital workplace. We analyse your needs and develop an individual and tailor-made Modern Workplace concept for you. Modern working starts today – get in touch with us.

Leading at a distance - With Trust and Leadership to the Modern Workplace.

Digital transformation can only be successful with leaders who have a clear vision of the future and are able to motivate their team and walk the path together. In the white paper, you will learn how you can also successfully lead teams digitally.

The state of digital transformation in the office.

Successful digitization requires more than introducing new tools. Only efficient processes are a competitive advantage. This study shows the state of actual process transformation of offices in German companies with over 250 participants. Download the study for free.

The future is in the cloud.

How should the enormous volumes of data currently generated by Big Data, mobile traffic, Internet of Things (IoT), streaming offers and other trends be managed and processed? We provide you with comprehensive advice on choosing the right cloud for you, and support you during successful implementation.

Cloud computing: everything you need to know about hyperscalers.

Download our free whitepaper and learn everything you need to know about the major cloud providers. How can you flexibly scale your IT infrastructure and reduce costs at the same time? How do the hyperscalers differ from each other?

Why companies are turning back to data centers.

Not all workloads can easily be migrated to the cloud, but owning hardware can result in unnecessarily high fixed costs. Learn all about a new solution that combines the benefits of the cloud with those of an on-premise landscape.

Manage cloud transformation easily and securely.

Cloud or rather local data center? The future of IT is hybrid! Find out in the live talk how you can combine the advantages of cloud and on-premise with HPE GreenLake, what added value hybrid solutions bring and how you can best map your own processes with existing cloud services.

Managed detection and response with Sophos and Bechtle.

Every second counts if you want to stop a cyber attack. However, most companies lack the experts who can recognize warning signs in time and react to them. Learn how Sophos and Bechtle can help you in our webinar.

Cisco Meraki - Welcome to the IT Cloud Platform.

Put an end to complex network structures and simplify the management of your network. Benefit from the numerous advantages that come with Cisco Meraki and cloud-managed IT products. Find out what these are in our webinar.

IT as a gamechanger for administration.

As Chief Information Officer (CIO) and authorised representative of Saarland for innovation and strategy, Ammar Alkassar is calling for new ways of thinking, powerful platforms and a fresh form of cooperation between business and the public sector.

Bechtle update – the digital IT magazine for decision makers.

Hot industry topics, exceptional customer references and great people, trends and tips that only a select few know—the Bechtle update keeps you up to date with the world of IT.

Bechtle is building the future.

All sights are locked on growth. While the diggers have long since gone from the headquarters in Neckarsulm and the Gaildorf site, in other places, it’s all kicking off. Building work is currently taking place across eight Bechtle branches in Germany and Switzerland—from small alterations to entire new buildings on greenfield sites.

Bechtle Blog.

All things Bechtle captured by our employees. This is where they blog about cloud, data centre, network and mobile solutions, the Modern Workplace, IT security and much more. The freshest news and stories coming in several times a week.

Four use cases with the mixed reality headset, HoloLens 2.

How can Microsoft's MR glasses be usefully applied?

Mixed reality glasses save travel costs, time and CO₂.

The Marabu specialists use Microsoft HoloLens 2 to manage global customers and partners from Germany.

Success stories of customers with future-proof IT.

Every customer is different and each solution distinct. But every single project is implemented with an entrepreneurial spirit that prioritises flexibility, cost consciousness and uncompromising quality.

Be your best with Bechtle.

Whether with or without work experience, as a student or pupil. At Bechtle, you can expect interesting jobs in both the technical and commercial fields.