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IT Security - Sep 7, 2021

Cybersecurity expertise for managing directors. Part 4.1 – Strategic cybersecurity.

The majority of the time, cybersecurity is considered a necessary evil that soaks up money. However, when properly understood and leveraged, cybersecurity can give businesses a real competitive edge. Management need to completely rethink their attitude to cybersecurity so that the opportunities it presents are in the foreground. By looking at it from a different perspective, new possibilities for the strategic development of your own business to make it fit for the future emerge. Are you ready for strategic cybersecurity?

written by

Managing Director

E-Mail: martin.seeger@bechtle.com

When business leaders think about cybersecurity, the focus tends to be on the risks. Protection against attacks, the loss of data, the costs of downtimes—it’s important to have an awareness of the risks, but this shouldn’t cloud your judgement of the opportunities presented by a strategic and proactive approach when it comes to cybersecurity. Handling cyber risks appropriately is bread-and-butter for every managing director, but creating competitive advantages through a strategic and opportunity-oriented approach is going the extra mile. To use the words of the INSEAD professors W. Chan Kim and Renée Mauborgne, for the majority of companies, this perceived chore in reality conceals a “blue ocean”, or rather new markets with sustainable and profitable business models with not much competition. It’s worth taking the subject seriously in order to become one of those companies that have already successfully started down the path, for example, SwissPost with IncaMail. The recipe for success? Take an analogue product (a letter), digitalise it (an e-mail that already existed) and round it off with the highest security standards (IncaMail). It sounds easier than it really is, but it does work.


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Published on Sep 7, 2021.