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HOPF Kunststofftechnik – Man, machine & material in perfect harmony.

HOPF Kunststofftechnik is one of few German businesses providing world-class plastics engineering to renowned players around the globe. HOPF is skilled in deep-drawing, process equipment and vessel engineering.

Project details.

  • Software
  • Manufacturing
  • <250 employees

Starting point.

HOPF engineers an array of different products with batches of as few as 50 units, including seat shells for dental chairs, exterior panels for machinery, transport pallets for solar modules, backrest shells for airline seats, spoke guards for wheelchairs, and cosmetics display units for chemists. But the company also builds and markets its very own branded systems, such as cleaning systems for painting equipment, pellet containers, and more.


To make it all possible, the IT system used at HOPF handles a number of standard modules such as purchasing, order processing, and accounting, with production and capacity planning at the heart of it all. All resources including people, machines, and material are managed through an integrated control centre.

Project objectives.

HOPF wanted to introduce a new ERP system to manage production. The company’s ability to make multi-use parts posed a particular challenge when building the solution, as this requires the processed materials to be assigned to different orders.


Microsoft Dynamics NAV and the MODUS PLASTICS module have made us more efficient. We now have a greater production output thanks to MODUS PLASTICS’ optimised, structured integration and allocation of available machines.

Andrea Hopf-Escher, Commercial Manager, HOPF Kunststofftechnik GmbH



By introducing Microsoft Dynamics NAV and the complementary industry module, MODUS PLASTICS, the family-run, 80-strong company was able to massively boost productivity. The added efficiency together with optimised, structured integration and allocation of machines through MODUS PLASTICS means that HOPF can now produce more in less time.


By enforcing better data integrity, the system has helped HOPF improve and enhance related processes. But this doesn’t mean employees are now twiddling their thumbs. Instead, they have experienced a shift in focus towards more stringent and systematic process control, which has led to a near elimination of discrepancies—in terms of delivery dates, for example—ultimately delivering more positive results. Connected communication also contributes to increased efficiency, with all e-mails now being sent straight from NAV.


Naturally, big-name customers expect extensive expertise from potential suppliers. Following the implementation of the new ERP system, HOPF has been able to scoop new large-scale customers, passing two audits scrutinising its IT-driven production and related processes with flying colours. This success would not have been possible without Microsoft Dynamics NAV and MODUS PLASTICS. A Supplier of the Year 2018 award in the Newcomer category has been bestowed on HOPF by an aerospace company—proof, if proof was needed, that its new customers are very happy with their choice, too.


Project highlights:

  • Enhanced business processes using Microsoft Dynamics NAV
  • More precise calculation of manufacturing costs through industrial data collection
  • Calculation of delivery dates based on actual production capacities
  • Increased productivity without upping headcount through Dynamics NAV and MODUS PLASTICS

Business benefits.

Its new digital foundation will propel HOPF Kunststofftechnik well into the future. But the company has no intention to leave it at that. A second project phase will see a complete revision of the underlying logic of production planning to raise quality yet another notch.

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