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Miele – Mobile IT cases supporting customer service the world over.

Miele sets the standard for durability, performance and user-friendliness—not to mention energy efficiency, design and service—for premium household appliances as well as business and medical-field solutions. One integral component underpinning its sustainability-focused product philosophy is the maintenance provided by its award-winning after-sales service teams. To ensure high service quality, Miele’s technicians need the right tools and replacement parts—but also mobile IT cases. And for many years, these cases have been supplied by Bechtle to sites across the globe.

Project details.

  • Mobility
  • Client Management
  • Modern Workplace
  • Manufacturing
  • Lenovo
  • >1,500 employees

Project objectives.


The requirements of this project were many. First, the analogue video management technology used to switch signals to the appropriate users was to be entirely overhauled. The new system, which relied on digital technology, had to continue interfacing with additional, sometimes overarching systems. This process involved migrating over 200 analogue cameras via encoders, integrating 25 IP cameras and ensuring the system’s scalability to more than 600 cameras. In addition, it required the installation of a dedicated, high-performance video network that would be easy to manage, offer mass storage capacity and feature system monitoring, maintenance and remote maintenance capabilities. Plus Miele also needed an expert, efficient company to provide valuable system support.


We were impressed by Bechtle’s combination of efficient, central processes and ability to make adjustments quickly and easily.


Vitali Wolf, Zentralbereich IT-Infrastructure, Miele & Cie. KG 




From Accellence, Merck had acquired powerful and flexible basic software modules with standard vimacc video management features. This vimacc software then had to be upgraded with project and customer-specific features, including interfaces to Merck’s sub-systems as well as connections to external locations with existing or new video technology. Bechtle’s systems integrator in Darmstadt, Germany, delivered and installed the hardware required to operate, secure, monitor and maintain the powerful network. It also provided the operating system and infrastructure management, setting everything up on site. Merck’s project involved access and core switches, server clusters, appropriate storage modules as well as computers to operate the video network. In addition, Bechtle installed encoders to integrate analogue cameras into the new video network, network management software tailored to Merck’s needs and suitable antivirus software.

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