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Stadt Nürnberg – A modern IT network to govern a forward-looking city.

A modern network for a future-oriented city. First documented in 1050, the city of such names as Albrecht Dürer, Ludwig Feuerbach and Hans Sachs has a rich history that has propelled it into the top 10 economic centres in Germany with its metropolitan area recording a regional GDP of 106 billion euros. Today, Nuremberg is Bavaria’s second most important university and research town and ranks high among European technology regions, in particular in the areas of microelectronics, communication and information technology, mechatronics, traffic engineering, logistics, medical engineering, and optical data transmission. The city administration itself with its municipal enterprises is a modern organisation providing public services to some 510,000 citizens, continuously developing Nuremberg’s central importance for the region of Middle Franconia.

Project details.

  • Dynamic Data Centre
  • Networking Solutions
  • Virtualisation
  • Public sector
  • HPE
  • >1,500 employees

Project objectives.

The city of Nuremberg wanted to do away with its obsolete network equipment and replace it with a holistic VLAN solution using harmonised components from a single manufacturer.  A new homogenous network and segmentation of the physical structure aimed to increase flexibility when adding end devices to individual segments. Lastly, VLAN prioritisation should result in a boost in performance, while targeted measures implemented on the VLAN layer should increase network security.


In order to fulfil the demands placed on our IT infrastructure, we were looking to implement a powerful network that is easy to manage, energy-efficient, and at the same time affordable. With HP providing the technology and Bechtle implementing the solution, the two companies teamed up to deliver an excellent result.


Bernhard Klose, City of Nuremberg, Organisation Department, Information Processing & Central Services, subdivision Networks & Telephony



The solution’s technology base is composed of an HPE FlexNetwork architecture, HPE Intelligent Resilient Framework (IRF) virtualisation technology, HPE Intelligent Management Center (IMC) management software, as well as HPE 12500 / 7500 hardware components. Bechtle was responsible for integrating the solution and related services, as well as managing the project as a whole. In an initial step, Bechtle replaced the obsolete rival manufacturer network equipment and upgraded the existing HPE hardware in order to prime the new infrastructure for future requirements such as VoIP. This was followed by installation of new components and setup of a VLAN. After thorough testing of the overall system, the new solution was ready to go live. Should a failure occur, a central hotline enables the customer to have defective hardware replaced on site by a Bechtle technician within 48 hours. In future, Nuremberg’s city administration will be able to source all network equipment and related services via Bechtle’s purpose-built bios® procurement platform for public administration, which it already uses to obtain PC hardware under a framework agreement.



Thanks to Bechtle, Nuremberg’s city administration now has a homogenous network that offers great flexibility and central manageability, and can also be segmented into virtual networks. Critical system components have redundant counterparts to guarantee excellent availability. In addition, HPE IRF reduces complexity, increases reliability, and delivers virtually real-time disaster recovery to safeguard uninterrupted operation of critical applications and services. The new network infrastructure helps the city’s administration better address its own requirements, as well as those of its citizens, and tackle future challenges head on.

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