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CinemaxX Holdings – A new IT landscape and Unified Communications.

The CinemaxX Group operates 33 multiplex cinemas in Germany and Denmark with a total of 285 screens and some 73,000 seats. A pioneer in technical innovation, CinemaxX offers exceptional convenience and quality, thanks to sophisticated audio and video technology, oversized screens and comfortable, modern seating in stylish, air-conditioned theatres. After switching to digital 4K Ultra HD projection technology in mid-2013, each CinemaxX multiplex guarantees an unbeatable cinematic experience. In addition, digital technology has enabled the Group to consistently expand its diverse offering of non-film content for various target audiences.

Project details.

  • Networking Solutions
  • Modern Workplace
  • Trade / Service
  • ITC / Media
  • HPE, Cisco, Dell
  • >1,500 employees

Project objectives.

By overhauling its entire technological and communications landscape, CinemaxX aimed not only to cut maintenance and operation overhead but also to integrate all of the Group’s communication media with its other IT. The goal was to design an environment that was reliable, efficient and built for the long term. This required establishing a homogeneous system able to quickly integrate new concepts. In addition, the Group wanted to improve overall IT service quality. Last but not least, the project had to be implemented swiftly without shutting down CinemaxX operations.


Customer satisfaction is very important to us. That’s why we make every effort to ensure efficient, hassle-free communication between cinemagoers and our staff. Our new Cisco Unified Communications system guarantees that the right employees are always available to help. Bechtle provided us with the ideal components to meet both current and future requirements.

Michael Biemann, IT Project Manager, CinemaxX Holdings GmbH



Based on Cisco hardware and software, Bechtle installed a landscape designed for Unified Communications (UC). At the core of CinemaxX’s new solution is the Cisco Media Convergence Server (MCS) 7800, which provides a high-availability server platform from which to deploy applications such as the Cisco UC system. This platform is able to communicate with 30,000 IP phones (in this case, Cisco 7900 and Cisco 8900 IP Phones) through a single Cisco Unified Communications Manager Cluster (CUCM). The CUCM controls and directs calls to these phones. As the central communications “switchboard”, it is the most important component of CinemaxX’s Cisco UC system. Through its cluster-building functionality, the CUCM can be scaled almost endlessly and deployed across multiple sites.



Business benefits.

The new, homogeneous Cisco UC system allows CinemaxX to get the most out of its IT resources and increase employee productivity. In addition to streamlining business processes, the decision to unify all communication channels on a single IP platform has also lowered operating and maintenance costs. And not only does this open, expandable Cisco platform accommodate any type of real-time communication, it makes the entire range of applications available over a shared IT network—thereby merging previously separate applications and devices while delivering the flexibility CinemaxX needs to respond to evolving requirements.

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