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Testing with Microsoft. Learning and Certification with Microsoft.


Questions about Bechtle Trainings?

Simply email us at schulung@bechtle.com or call us on +49 7132 981-1600. We're happy to help.


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You are interested in being Microsoft Certified? So you and your company can show that you know about IT!


Of course we will support you! Due to the great response this campaign will now last until the 31th of March 2022 - for all named MOC-trainings with a possibility for certification. Just click your preferred training in the learning path.


a) If you order for 2 or more candidates for the same training and same date, you will get one testvoucher for each candidate for free!

b) If you order for 1 candidate to a training, you will get 30% on the test voucher.


And than we will see you in one of our Pearson VUE test centers: