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A portrait of two out of 12,105 employees.

The way into IT is not always straightforward. A few detours and branch-offs wouldn't go amiss—most important is that, in the end, you finally find the perfect job. Just like Michael Stachowski and Lena Schwarz with Bechtle.

Michael Stachowski already had one foot in IT while he was still studying business management at university, supervising the migration of all 32 member initiatives for the BDSU (Federal Association of German Student Consultancies) to Office 365. He then joined an Aachen-based IT business consultancy company and specialised in Microsoft Security solutions. In 2018, he started out at Bechtle in Cologne as a consultant, transferring to the central Microsoft team in Neckarsulm a year later. Sounds pretty straightforward, right? It was anything but.

For Michael Stachowski, there was little indication that he was going to end up in IT. He first studied Latin and Catholic theology to become a teacher. But, true to his credo “if you snooze, you lose”, he felt the need to broaden his horizon. “I’m motivated by my curiosity. I like to face new challenges time and time again”, Michael Stachowski confirms. “And that’s exactly what my job at Bechtle is like.” As a Business Development Manager Security, he takes care of expanding Microsoft Security, planning campaigns, events or webinars and supporting the Bechtle companies’ development of new Managed Services. “In security especially, customers have very different starting points and the whole field is very broad and complex. The ultimate goal is always to provide as much security as possible”, says Michael Stachowski.


Michael Stachowski,

Business Development Manager Microsoft Security, Bechtle Logistik & Service.

Home office is a very special opportunity. And we have to make it secure and sustainable.


And this applies, especially, to work in the home office—a topic that is very dear to him. “Home office is a very special opportunity. It’s long been proven that the companies allowing it are at least, if not more, productive than regular offices.” The only issue with home office is security. Hackers are using loopholes, encrypting valuable data and introducing malware. Michael Stachowski opposes sending employees back to the office for this reason, and instead proposes finding solutions to make the home office just as secure as the real one. It comes as no surprise who is at the forefront of this. “Microsoft Cloud Security”, he smirks.

From DIY to Bechtle. After finishing her integrated study programme in business administration at OBI, in 2018 Lena Schwarz followed her gut instinct and joined Bechtle, starting out as a product manager for peripherals & clients. Only a few months later, she transferred internally to the go-to-market sector of the Microsoft Cloud Team. Since October 2019, she has been doing a master’s degree in Digital Management & Marketing on the side. Sounds like a lot to handle, right? Not for a trained gymnast.

Lena Schwarz has already learnt something really important in her short career: Never settle for something that doesn’t make you happy. “Henry Ford said “If you think you can do a thing, or think you can’t do a thing, you’re right!” And I really believe in that.” This thought really helped her after finishing university, when she was unsure what type of a career she was going to pursue. “Bechtle enabled me to jump straight into the futureproof IT sector. The job felt right from the get-go and I grew into the company very fast.” Lena Schwarz is fascinated by the cloud business and aware of its “rapid progress and everchanging challenges”, but she also feels at home in her team and the Microsoft community at Bechtle. “In the beginning, I was focussed on knowing the industry. I never would have thought that I would also meet so many inspiring and positive people at Bechtle. I am very grateful!”


Lena Schwarz,

Business Development Microsoft Cloud, Bechtle Logistik und Service.

It’s fascinating to see how the cloud is revolutionising our world of work on a daily basis.


Last year, Lena Schwarz decided to take up a master’s course alongside working. “There was a time when I wasn’t sure whether I could manage both.” But now she knows that she is tough enough for the challenge. Courage has always been important to Lena Schwarz. The courage to take on bigger projects with confidence. And the courage to take risks and to stand up for what you really believe in, regardless of whether you are at the workplace or anywhere else. “My master’s thesis is about technology that inspires and values that are important to me.” Lena Schwarz’s thesis deals with the question of how sustainability can help make the cloud even more valuable for the success of our customers, combining two highly important topics for the future that are important to her.

This is an excerpt of an article in the print edition of Bechtle update 03/2020.


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Published on Feb 23, 2021.