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A single platform for on-demand public and private cloud services?

That’s Microsoft Azure Stack!

Achieve the perfect balance of flexibility and control over your apps with Bechtle and Microsoft.

Businesses need effective and flexible environments to quickly and easily deploy applications and workloads when and where they are needed. Many companies rely on Microsoft’s public cloud service, Azure, to build modern architectures and modernise their existing apps.


However, this may not be an ideal solution for some. Businesses may choose to run applications on-premise instead e.g. to align with their organisation's technical prerequisites or comply with legal requirements.


So are they forced to miss out? Not anymore. Microsoft Azure Stack now gives you the best of both worlds.

Take a Bechtle workshop.

Learn how to best leverage, integrate and run Microsoft Azure Stack in a three-hour workshop for a small group. Register for one of our workshops here.







Monday Morning Coffee at Bechtle.

Today: Microsoft Azure Stack – a brief overview.

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The right blend of cloud and on-premise deployment for you.

Microsoft Azure Stack extends Azure to your data centre and enables you to work with consistent processes across cloud and on-premise environments to develop and deploy innovative applications. You decide where your data resides, while also benefitting from improved latency and the ability to deploy workloads in the public cloud or in your own infrastructure as needed.


You can run Azure Stack in your local data centre as a discrete solution or integrate it with the Azure public cloud. Whichever way you choose, deployment works exactly the same. So you get your own private cloud with all the benefits of a leading public-cloud platform!


Build on Azure Stack if you’re looking to modernise your data centre environment, develop your cloud strategy, and drive virtualisation and automation in your organisation.


Consistent application development.

Build and deploy applications the same way, whether the apps run on Azure or Azure Stack.

  • Shared application model, self-service portal and APIs, common DevOps tools and automation
  • Broad range of open source technologies


Leverage the agility and innovation of a public cloud on-premise.

With Azure Stack, you can run IaaS (Infrastructure as a Service) and PaaS (Platform as a Service) services just as you would with Azure—except in your own data centre.

  • Go beyond traditional virtualisation with rapid IaaS deployments and powerful, automated scalability for optimised workload balancing
  • Consistent PaaS functionality for more hybrid deployment options and portability; local operation of fully managed PaaS solutions; server-less computing; dispersed microservice architectures and container management
  • Suitable for edge environments with on-premise computing power for individual applications, e.g. in IoT scenarios
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Kickstart your Microsoft Azure Stack-based private cloud with Bechtle.

It’s just a few steps to success.
  • Join a Bechtle workshop to learn about the capabilities and features of Microsoft Azure Stack. Workshops can be conducted across Germany and will be tailored to your company.
  • We will thoroughly prepare your Stack environment and define all parameters to optimally dimension your initial setup.
  • During pre-deployment, we will work together with the respective hardware manufacturers on site in your data centre and implement your individual Azure Stack.
  • We define the services that will run on your Azure Stack.
Wählen Sie
  • zwischen Eigenbetrieb Ihres Azure Stacks, dem Betrieb durch Bechtle in Ihrem Rechenzentrum (Managed Service)
  • oder dediziert im Bechtle Rechenzentrum.


[In Planung ist unser Angebot Azure Stack on Demand – Sie nutzen einen Bechtle Azure Stack im Bechtle Rechenzentrum in Frankfurt.] Dafür benötigen Sie übrigens keine Microsoft Windows Server-Lizenzen mehr. Zu den Abrechnungsoptionen gehört ein Pay-as-you-go-Modell über die Bechtle Clouds-Plattform mittels CSP-Subscription.

Bechtle Multi Cloud Solution Provider



1. Systems integration.

Bechtle will size your target infrastructure and integrate Azure Stack in your environment.




1. Systems integration and managed services.

Bechtle will integrate and run Azure Stack in your data centre or in Bechtle’s own secure data centre.



3. Azure Stack on Demand.

Bechtle will provide you with access to Bechtle’s multi-client Azure Stack in the Bechtle data centre.




4. Bechtle Cloud Portal

Bechtle also offers access to Azure services via our own Cloud Portal. A Bechtle IT System House near you will assist you during implementation and use.


Azure Stack integrated systems –
extend Azure into your data centre.

Get your Azure Stack up and running fast with integrated systems from long-standing Bechtle partners Cisco, Dell EMC, HPE or Lenovo.