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Abele Ingenieure – Creativity as a competitive factor.

“Creativity gets you ahead,” is the mantra of David Abele, second generation Managing Director at Abele Ingenieure in Ausburg. Over the past decades, Abele Ingenieure has developed from a pure service provider into a general construction company.

Project details.

  • Software
  • Trade / Service
  • Microsoft
  • <250 employees

Starting point.

Of course, such a large increase in business also leads to far more demands on business processes. And the company’s output had also dramatically risen over the last few years—both in complexity and volume. And Abele Ingenieure knows that the advancement of digitalisation is a must if they want to beat the competition. In light of this, it was crucial for Abele to unite all important processes—from CAD construction, purchasing, and project processing to accounting—in one system. In 2012, Abele Ingenieure introduced a new ERP system.

Project objectives.

Only business processes worth automating were to be worked on i.e. processes used by a large number of employees and which could be considerably accelerated.


“It’s important for our facilities that our customers are able to help themselves in the event of errors wherever possible. That’s the art of mechanical engineering. That’s what MODUS ENGINEERING makes possible for us. With the aid of this system, I can now conduct very precise liquidity planning.

David Abele, Managing Director, Abele Ingenieure GmbH



The processes selected were Microsoft Dynamics NAV with branch extension MODUS ENGINEERING. In 2017, the system was switched over to the latest version in just eight weeks. Central to MODUS ENGINEERING are projects with articles, item lists, operations and resources. Manufacturing instructions can now be derived directly from the design, meaning that when a similar system needs to be built, the previous project’s data can be used again. This has particular impact on the workload and purchase prices, enabling pre-calculations can be more precise. All projects can thus be planned working back from the desired delivery date. If there is a delay, the system warns employees so they can intervene.

Concurrent calculations and project progress transparency ensure a secure overview of business,


And integrated technical purchasing completes the system’s value chain. Products that have to be ordered well in advance can be ordered in time for the project and later assigned to the final BOM item by item. Every employee can use the article list—supported by an image database and full text search—to find out which articles are already available in the company.


Abele engineers can also integrate other important functions around the ERP system to ensure end-to-end digitalisation of business processes. If an employee in the IT department does not find a solution on their own, the MODUS Consult experts usually provide direct support without the need for any programming.


Project highlights:


  • ERP update in under 8 weeks
  • Comprehensive concurrent calculation
  • Project management and hourly billing
  • Lists of previously sold items with accompanying images
  • Receipts can be viewed directly in Outlook
  • Introduction of industrial data collection for more precise manufacturing cost prediction

Business benefits.


The new version of Microsoft Dynamics NAV with industry extension MODUS ENGINEERING enables Abele Ingenieure to accelerate the further integration of structured and unstructured data. Hourly billing, which previously had to be calculated in SharePoint, is now a system standard, and receipts from Dynamics NAV can now be viewed directly in Outlook, saving time and preventing errors. The system also facilitates incredibly precise liquidity planning, meaning that calculations can be made more in advance, processes are more efficient, and bottlenecks can be avoided. Project statuses, calculations and planning can even be seen and managed on the go.