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Other departments.


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We have vacancies in Product Management and Marketing, Procurement and Central Services. Find out more about our career opportunities and apply today.

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Project Management.

Project Management.

As a Project Manager, you’ll be responsible for the planning, control and implementation of a whole variety of customer projects covering everything from transformation to in-house IT. As an all-round talent, you’ll have an overview of the entire project. Your focus is our customers and their success. 


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Product Management and Marketing.

Product Management.

You are responsible for the products of the area assigned to you, have an eye on market trends, identify the potential of new products and manufacturers and continuously work on expanding our portfolio. You develop creative communications for our online shop on and publish them on other media channels.





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Identifying market and customer needs is your bread and butter as is the targeted marketing of our portfolio. Your focus is on all digital marketing channels related to our website,, as well as on events. 


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Central Services.

Human Resources and People Development.

From attracting and hiring new talent to payroll and promoting professional development, you are the first point of contact for applicants, employees and leaders.


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You live and breathe numbers. You put together monthly and annual financial statements, make balance sheet postings and check them for plausibility. You also monitor compliance with annual budgets, promptly identify discrepancies and proactively recommend solutions. You know exactly how to prepare and present figures and analyses so that they are comprehensible for various target groups. 


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Other central departments.

Central Services is made up of so many other fascinating departments such as
•    Organisation and Facility Management 
•    Legal and Taxes
•    Corporate Communications 
•    Mergers & Acquisitions
•    Investor Relations

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You handle the procurement of our wide-ranging portfolio of hardware, software and cloud solutions and are the first point of contact for our existing suppliers, vendors and sales colleagues. you obtain quotes, assess them according to fixed criteria, initiate orders and monitor deadlines as well as our quality standards.




Purchasing Management.

You are the cog between our national and international vendors, suppliers and sales units and also the first point of contact for all enquiries regarding our defined purchasing process.




Supply Chain Management.

You analyse and plan the flow of goods from the vendor to the customer. From procurement and distribution to controlling, you make sure all relevant stakeholders are included and keep an eye on the whole process. 




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What our employees say.

My name is Dimitri. I work in Complaints Management at Bechtle Logistik & Service. After my vocational training and dual studies, Bechtle offered me the opportunity to prove myself as a team lead. 

Dimitri Schneider, Complaints Management

I’m Sabrina and I work in the marketing department in Aachen. Bechtle offers me trust and flexibility and the opportunity to do my master’s degree whilst supporting the marketing department in Aachen.

Sabrina Engelhardt, Marketing

My name is Jannick and I work in Group Accounting for Bechtle AG in Gaildorf. After my master’s degree, Bechtle gave me responsibility for new projects, and the chance to lead them to success.

Jannik Zauner, Group Accounting

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