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Modern Meeting Solutions. 

 - for better collaboration.  

A seamless meeting experience relies on so much more than the use of modern devices. Alongside video and audio devices that integrate with each other, it’s crucial to select the perfect collaboration platform. The decision should be based on whether it can be efficiently and easily used as at the end of the day, it’s your employees who are going to have to work with it.

The office will also become a place of community and guidance in the future, which is why innovative room concepts that foster creativity and collaboration should not be left by the wayside. Tailored services and training courses for the seamless integration of your Modern Meeting solution round off the offer! With two selected Modern Meeting workshops, we want to offer a holistic view of your meeting situation. Together, we will develop a tailored concept for your business.

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      Use case
      Product description
      Use case

      There are some things to think about before equipping a conference or huddle room, because using any old camera and microphone system doesn’t go far enough. Each room has its own specific features and challenges that need to be considered, plus you shouldn’t forget your users when deciding which communications platform to go for.

      And then of course there are the questions that require professional answers:

      • Which corporate processes are currently in place?
      • Who are the users? What are the challenges?
      • How can you benefit from modern technologies and ways of working?
      • Which solutions best suit your needs?
      • How will you develop a Modern Meeting strategy for your business?

      We’ll help you develop your personalised Modern Meeting concept, with our specialists by your side every step of the way, highlighting the status quo and showing you the way to a holistic Modern Meeting solution—for productive conferences and happy employees. Let’s work together towards modern collaboration. We have consolidated the common challenges faced by the individual parts of a company and demonstrate how they can be overcome using modern approaches, Experience modern technologies and solutions live in one of our Digital Workplaces.

      Business benefits 

      • Individual, vendor-neutral and professional consultation in a modern setting. Consideration of different approaches and possibilities in consultation with our specialists.
      • Experience the various collaboration platforms live in connection with different hardware and software products configured to your needs and challenges - for modern meetings with a seamless operating and user experience that’ll make everyone happy!
      • An all-in-one concept including initial pricing and additional, suitable services plus a roadmap towards enhanced collaboration within your business - depending on the choice of workshop
      • Reliable planning and the possibility to test selected products.
      Product description

      Experience modern technologies live in one of our workshops and take away personalised, vendor-neutral recommendations from our specialists.

      Many businesses have a very broad range of tasks with very specific requirements of their IT. That’s why we want to understand the important issues for your business and employee before we meet so that we can tailor an agenda that suits your requirements. Schedule a telephone briefing with one of our experts beforehand to discuss the status quo. We’ll go through your wishes and needs and use them as a basis to work with you to design your own personalised experience in our Digital Workplace.

      We’ll also create a rough agenda taking into account the topics important to you, which you can then put through its paces at your on-site appointment. Our specialists will use the results of this appointment to put tailor recommendations for potential Modern Meeting solutions, before working closely with you to plan next steps and additional options.

      At the end of your visit and depending on the package selected, you’ll receive the jointly developed material and a roadmap for your Modern Meeting experience. We offer vendor-neutral advice that is perfectly tailored to your needs in collaboration with all relevant and requested manufacturers.

      Personalised Modern Meeting Concept
      Modern Meeting Inspiration

      Contact us now and ask for a personal offer.

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