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Transformation and the people in your organisation.

No matter your industry – from manufacturing to retail to public administration to finance—the challenges presented to you by ongoing digitalisation are increasingly complex, yet at the same time, they bear great opportunity. What matters is an IT strategy that maximises the benefits for your business. To keep your success going, you have to take the people that make it along on your digital journey. After all, it is your employees who work with the IT you give them every day, so empowering them is critical to your success. 

Put your trust in a team of experts that blends the passion, hands-on experience and ability to deliver solutions it takes to meet the real-life needs of your employees, your business and your IT. We’ll help you maximise the value your IT solutions and services have for your business.  

Bechtle consulting services – Your guide to your individual solution.

  • Needs analysis.
  • Communication and marketing. 
  • C-level coaching.
  • Resistance management.
  • IT training.
  • Champions programmes.
  • Key user training.
  • Feedback and satisfaction analyses.
  • Gauging success.

Alfred Ritter – Software deployment and training with a quick ROI.

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Bechtle user adoption und change management.

Every project is a departure from the status quo. And every change affects people. Executives, employees and customers alike have to grow accustomed to a new situation. Our experts help you guide them through your digital transformation to make a lasting and positive impact. Together with you, we’ll get your team excited about what’s ahead. We’ll ensure transparent communication and provide training to get people in your organisation ready. Dedicated key user training and champions programmes enable you to effectively share knowledge within your company. Naturally, everyone may not welcome change with open arms right away. That’s why we will proactively manage user resistance and leverage employee feedback to identify room for optimisation. Because that’s what change is all about.

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