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IT security today entails far more than just setting up an effective firewall. Security needs to be viewed as an integral aspect of your company, especially when you realise that many cyber-attacks actually come from within. Read blogs by our security experts ...


The way we work is changing dramatically. It’s almost as if work has become detached from time and space. The modern anywhere workplace means all new challenges for organisations.


The term ‘data centre’ itself makes its role clear—to serve as a central hub for key data. If your data centre malfunctions or, worse still, stops working entirely, the consequences can be disastrous.



More and more companies are investing in artificial intelligence (AI) to help them gain a competitive advantage by improving services, making information available more quickly and implementing new business models.


Reduce your production costs and improve the quality and reliability of your products. Powerful SOLIDWORKS solutions let you accelerate product development.


The way we collaborate is changing. The availability of employees and how they communicate, collaboration across a global network and integrating mobile workers are major challenges facing a business’s IT.


IT departments needs to be able to react quickly and flexibly to changing business requirements today. And this, in turn, affects business-network requirements.