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Digitalisation in German SMEs – Are we really stuck behind the rest?

The number of patents, the use of modern IT technology, the degree of digitization - everywhere, Germany and especially German SMEs are in the middle of the pack at best. The engine is sputtering, they say. But is that really the case? Birgit Merschmann, Managing Director of MODUS Consult GmbH, has a very different experience of German SMEs.

Bechtle update – the digital IT magazine for decision makers.

Hot industry topics, exceptional customer references and great people, trends and tips that only a select few know—the Bechtle update keeps you up to date with the world of IT. 

Cyber Defense Center: In a race against hackers and time.

Niklas Keller heads the Bechtle Cyber Defense Center: He knows what to do in the event of a successful cyberattack - and yet prefers to prevent companies from having to deal with an emergency.

ANYmal inspection robot – Progress on four legs.

How the ANYmal inspection robot from the Swiss high-tech company ANYbotics increases safety and productivity. And how Solidworks helped it get on its feet.

Three steps for more IT security: Prevention. Detection. Reaction.

Modern security concepts start with awareness and include a holistic three pillar approach: Prevention. Detection. Reaction. Using this triad companies can protect themselves against data theft, sabotage and extortion.

Keeping pace with the future: update 2.2021.

Fully automated inspection robots, leap innovations made in Germany and visions for digital transformation. Let yourself be inspired by these and many other topics that will move you forward.

Hello from Freiburg.

It’s pretty easy to wax lyrical about Germany’s southernmost city. Magnificent landscape and picturesque old town with its labyrinthine alleyways and happy, bicycling residents. What can we say? It’s true. Freiburg really is beautiful.

Frank Stäbler: “I embrace challenges like a good friend.”

Project managers meet professional athletes. But why? Because there is a lot to learn from Olympians. In this case, Frank Stäbler. Wrestler. Three-times World Champion. Bronze medallist in Tokyo.

Smart country.

Fuelled by a rural exodus, urban populations are exploding and city rents shooting up, all the while properties are being abandoned and farms lie fallow in the countryside. Curiously, it’s exactly this emptiness that is drawing others away from the megacities to start a new life away from the rat race—their Rural Life 4.0, powered by a digital era that enables them to connect to their work anywhere.

Two out of 12.180. Employees in portrait.

The first impression counts: What do employees and guests see first when they enter the building at Bechtle Platz 1 through the main entrance? Of course, the friendly faces of Sieglinde Leitz and Sabine Adam.

Agile, done right.

Staying agile at the workplace is nothing new in successful companies. But recent times have seen an unprecedented degree of agility, reactions and mental flexibility demanded from employees. Digitalisation has hit the turbo button. Working out feels good. But which exercises are good for you, yet don’t make you look unprofessional?

Schools Competence Centre in Mainz awarded SMART Platinum Partner status.

The Canadian company, SMART Technologies, is regarded as the world’s leading manufacturer of interactive displays and has been collaborating with Bechtle for the last ten years, culminating in the Schools Competence Centre in Mainz—part of the Bechtle IT System House Bonn/Cologne—being honoured with the highest status of SMART Platinum Partner in Education and Enterprise Business.

Public institutions are increasingly on hackers’ radars.

As they attempt to extort money, steal data and wreak havoc on the organisations they target. And these hackers are becoming ever more professional.

Wienerberger AG – Reaching for the cloud and beyond.

Expand existing infrastructures on an ongoing basis or take the plunge into the cloud? For Wienerberger AG, the decision was quickly clear: off to the cloud - together with the IT system house Austria.

Moonshot – in the service of medicine.

The Graubünden cantonal hospital has been using a VDI (Virtual Desktop Infrastructure) environment for its approximately 1,200 desktop workstations for years. The growing importance of graphics-intensive medical applications led to the decision to back up central provisioning with a high-performance computer infrastructure.

Tackling the crisis with used IT.

Back in March 2020, many businesses were suddenly faced with the challenge of equipping their employees for working from home. Within a short time, the market had been stripped of IT equipment and many people learned to appreciate the value of used hardware, a topic we recently discussed with Alexander Thiele, Managing Director of Bechtle Remarketing GmbH in Wesel.

Mindful leadership – How to lead better.

Our world of work is increasingly being characterised by speed, networking and a pressure to perform. Those who are able to keep a weather eye on what is important and continue to act judiciously despite challenging conditions have a distinct advantage, and this is where mindful leadership comes in.

Transparent supply chains. But so little to see.

How does the fish get from the sea to our tables? Is the wood for the table certified? Where are the chairs, notebooks and webcams I ordered? When will my customised car be available? When will it be manufactured? Which transmission will be used? Where is the production line? And in which factory? Who can track all this? And how? And from where?

eurofunk combines security and usability thanks to VMware NSX and Zero Trust.

eurofunk is a system specialist for planning, installing and operating control centers and emergency call centers and uses a variety of its own software solutions. For its customers, stable and secure system operation with as little maintenance downtime as possible can be a matter of life or death. As a supplier of critical infrastructure, eurofunk is constantly faced with the challenge of keeping up to date with the latest technology.

Transparent supply chains. But so little to see.

How does the fish get from the sea to our tables? Is the wood for the table certified? Where are the chairs, notebooks and webcams I ordered? When will my customised car be available? When will it be manufactured? Which transmission will be used? Where is the production line? And in which factory? Who can track all this? And how? And from where?

Rethinking the future of plastic – With SOLIDWORKS 3DEXPERIENCE.

Located in Hanover, the start up Crafting Future has big ideas—a life without plastic waste—and the two founders, Jan Patzer and Can Lewandowski, know how to make it happen. They develop sustainable plastic products. One of the most important tools in their armoury is the 3DEXPERIENCE platform—a cloud-based PLM software solution from SOLIDWORKS

Future worlds of living. On Earth, the Moon or Mars.

Sooner or later, mankind wants to take off to colonize the moon and Mars. Various projects are already looking quite concretely at possible materials and techniques for building. But habitats on Earth are also being developed in a targeted manner.

Bechtle recognised with Dell’s Services Delivery Excellence Award.

Dell Technologies has honoured Bechtle with the Channel Services Delivery Excellence Award for EMEA. Besides exceptional competence in service delivery, the award recognises Bechtle’s outstanding commitment in projects that leverage Dell products.

IT workplaces that write the future.

When from one day to the next, hundreds of employees are to be given notebooks so that they can work from anywhere and these notebooks have to be ready to go out of the box and fully loaded with exactly the tools and programs each and every employee needs to do their jobs, is it really that simple?