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University Hospital of Würzburg. – A turbo database for the hospital.

The University Hospital of Würzburg has 19 clinics and polyclinics, as well as three independent polyclinics and four clinical institutes. Four experimental institutes and departments are also integrated. Moreover, the hospital is linked to six vocational schools focusing on the healthcare sector. The hospital’s cross-departmental cooperation, which in some cases reaches deep into the region, is showcased through nearly 40 clinical centres and numerous special consultations. The University Hospital of Würzburg employs more than 5,700 people, making it one of the region’s largest employers alongside the University of Würzburg.

Project details.

  • Dynamic Data Centre
  • Server & Storage
  • Education / Research
  • Pharmaceutical / Healthcare
  • DataCore
  • >1,500 employees

Project objectives.

In cooperation with Bechtle, the hospital decided to eliminate hard drives with rotating parts in favour of new technology that would more than quadruple access speeds. While read and write speeds previously clocked in at 320 milliseconds, this new technology speeds them up to just 70 milliseconds—a significant improvement. Data can be accessed almost instantaneously in the SAP R/3-based hospital information system and the clinical workplace system.


The solution using DataCore software, standard components and Fusion IO cards was much more affordable than an enterprise storage solution, while still providing the same—if not better—functionality and performance.


Klaus Stärk, Head of Systems for the Medical IT Services Centre (SMI), University Hospital of Würzburg



In addition to significantly increasing access speeds, Bechtle and the University Hospital of Würzburg were also able to tackle the various challenges of keeping data safe. To safeguard the high-availability configuration, the installation was split up between two X86-64 servers. The setup’s transparent failover is reflected both externally through the two servers, and internally through the high-performance I/O cards.


Customer benefits.

Using in-memory technology, we were able to dramatically accelerate the database performance of our production SAP ERP system. That also led to a quite noticeable improvement in the overall response times of our SAP system,” says Klaus Stärk. Benefits are especially noticeable in terms of screen layout and when retrieving patient data or complex findings and statistics. Users are also noticing the faster speeds, ensuring a high level of satisfaction. Many Bechtle customers have requested trial versions of this system. Bechtle therefore offers customer workshops together with its cooperation partners at the University Hospital.

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