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Kieler Zeitung Verlags- und Druckerei KG-GmbH & Co. – Software asset management for a newspaper publisher.

Kieler Zeitung Verlags- und Druckerei KG-GmbH & Co. publishes the leading daily newspaper in the region of Kiel, a city in northern Germany. In addition to adeptly reporting on national and international topics and events, the Kieler Nachrichten newspaper provides its 282,000-strong readership with extensive local news on Kiel and the surrounding districts. Changing media-consumption habits have instigated an expansion beyond just print.

Project details.

  • Software
  • ITC / Media
  • Microsoft
  • 250–1,500 employees

Project objectives.

Kieler Nachrichten wanted to introduce software asset management (SAM) so that it would be able to obtain all the required Microsoft licences at the best contractual prices while also meeting all compliance requirements. The goal was to ensure that all Microsoft licences managed in house would be able to pass an audit at any time. Another key objective was to simplify the licence management process, allowing the company to respond much more quickly and flexibly to business requirements and provide new IT services. In addition, Kieler Nachrichten was looking to optimise licence-related costs. It also wanted to relieve IT staff of routine tasks, enabling them to focus on other projects thanks to better, needs-based end-user licensing through SAM.


Thanks to Bechtle’s active support, we were able to complete our software asset management project on time and within budget. We now have a future-proof solution that meets all compliance requirements. We were impressed by the comprehensive technological expertise of Bechtle’s employees, their onsite availability and our close, team-based cooperation.


Rainer Maier, Head of IT, Kieler Zeitung Verlags- und Druckerei KG-GmbH & Co., 24103 Kiel



The SAM solution implemented by Bechtle for Kieler Nachrichten manages not just the familiar Office suite, but also other product licences:


  • Server Datacenter Edition – for a highly virtualised private and hybrid cloud environment with full Windows Server functionality and unlimited virtual instances
  • SQL Server Enterprise and Standard Editions – a reliable, productive and smart data platform
  • Client access licences for Windows Server, SQL Server and Remote Desktop


Business benefits.

Bechtle met all of Kieler Nachrichten’s expectations for the introduction of SAM. All project steps were closely coordinated in advance and successfully carried out within the allotted time and budget. Licensing is now more targeted, with end-users licensed based on their needs and tasks. SAM also eliminates future worries of over or underlicensing. In addition, Kieler Nachrichten’s management of Microsoft licences verifies all compliance criteria, ensuring that audits will be passed with flying colours—undoubtedly the most important goal of the project.

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