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ULTRAMARIN – Virtualised server environment for simplified management.

ULTRAMARIN is a 200,000 m2 marina featuring a yacht harbour with 1,500 docks, multiple sailing clubs as well as a motor-yacht club, boat service, sailing school and charter business. Also included are restaurants and a hotel. A central IT infrastructure manages the entire premises, meaning its servers are constantly being accessed all day long. To keep wait times short, these servers must be able to handle high traffic volumes reliably while also ensuring high availability—both today and tomorrow.

Project details.

  • Managed Services
  • Virtualisation
  • Server & Storage
  • Trade / Service
  • HPE
  • <250 employees

Project objectives.

Merely replacing hardware would not be enough to redesign ULTRAMARIN’s IT. Management would have to be simplified. All deployed servers would have to be covered by adequate service level agreements (SLAs) to ensure a quick response in case of an emergency. And ULTRAMARIN was especially keen to simplify server management and ensure that servers could be easily upgraded in future. ULTRAMARIN therefore decided to virtualise its entire infrastructure.


After being virtualised by Bechtle, our servers now meet our reliability and availability requirements. As a result, we have a server environment that fits our needs perfectly. And it’s not only easy to manage, but also organised centrally. Better server performance is yet another benefit


Clemens Meichle, Managing Director, ULTRAMARIN Meichle + Mohr GmbH



Once the new hardware was installed, the existing servers—many of which were running Linux—were migrated to virtualised servers in a process known as physical-to-virtual (P2V) migration. Bechtle deployed two redundant HPE ProLiant DL380P servers as the underlying basis for the virtual environment. These servers offer flexibility coupled with scalability and performance, making them the perfect choice to wrangle increasing data volumes and accommodate ever-changing IT requirements. Both servers are also easy and efficient to manage. To virtualise these servers, Bechtle selected a VMware Essentials Plus bundle tailored to ULTRAMARIN’s requirements over the next three years. Data is backed up by two NAS systems. This backup-to-disk solution is designed specifically for the needs of small to mid-sized enterprises, with features that can be fully customised to ULTRAMARIN’s requirements. The two servers are connected to the network through redundant switches. Full maintenance will be provided for all installed infrastructure components for the entire expected usage period, which covers service calls and vendor support.


Business benefits.

After virtualising and centralising its servers, ULTRAMARIN was able to substantially simplify the management of its server landscape. A maintenance agreement was signed with Bechtle to ensure that defective hardware is replaced quickly by a Bechtle technician within a predefined time period. The entire infrastructure is covered by a manufacturer maintenance plan, which will provide the necessary assistance in the event of hardware failures. The regional proximity of Bechtle’s technicians is also a significant benefit, as they are very familiar with ULTRAMARIN’s environment. The new, virtualised server landscape is structured for maximum reliability and delivers a noticeable gain in performance. As it can be expanded, it is ideally equipped to accommodate ULTRAMARIN’s future requirements.

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