Benefit from our 0% interest financing deals for your Apple products with a duration of 24, 36 or 48 months.


Looking to replace your business devices? Now is the time to do it!

Benefit from our 0% interest deal on all devices.

Why is Apple the right choice for your business?


It’s simple and scientifically proven thanks to a Forrester Consulting study. Apple contracted Forrester Consulting to investigate the TEI (Total Economic Impact) of Apple devices in seven corporations in which employees used Apple devices. The employees were provided with Macs and research was conducted into the technical effort involved in implementing and maintaining the devices.


Their research yielded the following results:
  1. The Mac is easier and quicker to deploy.
  1. Employees who use a Mac are more productive and require less IT support.
  1. Employee loyalty is higher among Mac users.

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*Financing offer by De Lage Landen BV in Spain, requires approval by a credit institute. 0% effective annual interest and 0% nominal interest. Applies to a minimum purchasing value of €2,000 (without VAT). The deal only applies to Macs and iPads. This offer is only available to businesses.*