Cisco Webex Calling


Corporate communication and collaboration via the cloud.

Cisco Webex Calling is a comprehensive, cloud-based solution for calls and collaboration that helps companies work intelligently. It is an outstanding solution for mid-sized and large companies looking for a simple, easy, and secure link to the cloud. Webex Calling uses the performance capabilities of its own Webex platform—the industry’s most reliable and secure global cloud platform.



Secure global platform

Cisco Webex® Calling has been designed for Cisco Webex’s cloud platform and therefore supports Cisco’s global security protocol. It collects, uses, and processes customer data only in agreement with the Cisco Privacy Policy, the Cisco Webex User Terms and Conditions and the applicable regulations in all markets it’s present in.


Additionally, Webex Calling uses the Security Descriptor Definition Language (SDDL) text format and fraud detection mechanisms to protect your products and data as well as your privacy.



The all-in-one solution for collaboration that companies need

Cisco Webex Calling is part of the Cisco Webex Calling Collaboration Package for mid-sized and large companies. In addition to the Cisco Webex Teams™ collaboration services and the Cisco Webex Meetings conference services, you’ll also receive a comprehensive package that offers the key call features you company needs now and in the future.


A complete collaboration package with everything companies need: calls, meetings, messaging, and a contact centre. Cisco Webex Calling lets you use the technology of Webex Teams and Webex Meetings and enjoy a multitude of opportunities:


  • High quality and reliability for audio and video calls.
  • Flexibility unlocked: Meetings can be conducted in the same great quality anywhere.
  • Integration into collaboration tools such as a shared whiteboard.
  • Screen and asset sharing as files.
  • Integration into Cisco Webex Board and Cisco Webex Room.




Integrated devices and software

Cisco terminals range from IP phones to integrated web, mobile, and desktop clients to facilitate easier switching between devices. Users can switch from their mobile phone to a device they want to use in the office, at home, or in a meeting room. Webex Calling offers easy switching from one device to the other and full access to all call features, whatever device you use.

Intelligent device and user pairing 

Cisco Webex offers high-resolution videos and animations, shared whiteboards, and clear image and sound quality for a complete user experience. With instant access to content, users can automatically connect to devices in any room when they enter a meeting, connect their Cisco Webex application to a Cisco Webex room device, whiteboard or desktop phone in order to share and receive content, transfer calls from their smartphone to the room device or use their phone to control the device in the room. Users can even launch a meeting before they enter the room and then transfer it to the room’s device.

Intelligent user experience with AI and ML

The Cisco Calling cloud solutions use artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) to learn and analyse data, transforming calls into cognitive collaboration. Cisco uses the AI and ML data and analyses to create a framework that’s then made available to all participants. AI and ML also allow virtual assistance and support in real-time, participant recognition, noise detection and suppression, file sharing, and pattern recognition in topics, voices, and dialogue interfaces.


The new cognitive collaboration technology allows users to take part in meetings, learn more about the people they are meeting with, and stay up-to-date on the meeting. The Cisco Webex Package enables all applications work together to provide a smooth user experience.


A good user experience is important before, during, and after your calls.



Flexibly switch to the cloud

Thanks to Cisco, you can take your calls into the cloud easily, quickly, securely and, above all, affordably.


Cisco Collaboration Flex Plan simplifies the switch since it only offers a single option for purchasing Cisco telephony, regardless of the deployment model (cloud-based, hosted, or local).


Advantages of the Cisco Collaboration Flex Plan


  • Easy: Industry-leading collaboration tools from Cisco as a subscription.
  • Flexible: Combine cloud-based, local, hosted, and hybrid deployment options as you wish.
  • Agile: Provide your users with the services they need right now.


And it can be easily scaled in case your requirements should change in future.



Cisco Webex Calling offers the most flexible and agile options to fulfil the requirements of business calls and collaboration. Thanks to Cisco, companies have less to worry about to meet the challenges of the cloud and can concentrate more on the benefits and uses that can be gained from a smarter way of working.

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