Solutions for comfortable and ergonomic workspaces.


Optimising employee workspaces to promote wellbeing is key.

Poorly equipped workspaces can increase muscle fatigue and discomfort, which negatively impacts employee focus, productivity and performance.
A transformed workspace is an ergonomic workspace.

Benefits of a transformed workspace

  • Increased comfort.
  • Better concentration.
  • Greater productivity.


In a transformed workspace:

  • An external mouse and keyboard are used to reduce forearm muscle activity compared to using a notebook touchpad
  • The top of the screen is at eye level and top third is in line-of-sight when looking straight ahead to avoid tension in the neck.


Logitech and Ergotron have the solutions to help you transform workplaces to promote employee wellbeing.

For a comfortable work experience

Neo-Flex + MK270 Keyboard and Mouse


The Neo-Flex® Notebook Lift Stand with tilt function raises your notebook display to a comfortable viewing height for better ergonomics and productivity.

And the MK270 wireless desktop set combines the benefits and comfort of a full-sized keyboard with a contoured compact mouse that follows the natural curve of your hand.



For an ergonomic workplace


The Ergotron TRACE™ Monitor Mount adapts to how each user works and feels their best, and the Logitech ERGO K860 split ergonomic keyboard is designed for better posture, less strain and more support for a feel-better typing experience. Together, they make it easy to create an ergonomic and flexible workstation.



For the space-constrained workplace

TRACE + MX Keys Mini + MX Ergo Trackball


The TRACE™ Monitor Mount creates an ergonomic and flexible workplace, makes room on even the smallest desk and shifts to adapt to each user’s style of working in a way that makes them feel comfortable.

MX Keys Mini for Business offers advanced features in a slim design that optimises available desk space and allows users to keep the mouse close by.

Plus, the ergonomically shaped MX ERGO mouse with trackball helps you work effortlessly without the need to move your hand around.



For the most demanding workplaces

TRACE + MX Keys Combo for Business



The innovative Ergotron TRACE™ Monitor Mount combined with a Logitech MX Keys for Business keyboard, the MX Master 3 for Business mouse and a matching wrist rest creates an agile workspace for high-performing teams. The balanced design and high-quality materials in this bundle ensure superior comfort, performance and productivity.




Our team of experts can help find the best solution for your business.