HPE LTO-8: The ideal storage technology for archiving in the zettabyte age.

IDC forecasts that the amount of data archived for economic or compliance reasons will increase to 2.25 zettabytes by 2025. HPE LTO-8 data cassettes are a milestone when it comes to innovative storage solutions and support your company in tackling this increased volume.

HPE LTO-8 lets you encrypt and protect up to 30 TB on a single data cassette and save up to 2.7 TB per hour on a single drive. This means that a mid-sized tape library, like HPE StoreEver MSL3040, provides petabytes of the fastest, most-affordable, and secure storage capacities in the smallest space.

And what’s more, according to predictions, the capacity of future LTO tapes will grow faster than alternative archiving media like hard drives.

You may well have more files than there are stars in the sky, but the LTO-8 tapes, you’ll know every single one of your files is securely and safely stored.